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CR Shopping Guide Holiday 2021

CR Shopping Guide Holiday 2021

Holiday shopping has begun, and we are here to make it as easy as possible, so we’ve put together an insiders guide for how to navigate Crazy Rebels this holiday shopping season.


  1. Black Friday, 11.26.21 – Black Friday is our biggest and most inclusive sale of the year. Every square inch of our website will be on SALE from 12:00 am Friday 11.26.21 until 11:59 pm pst. Up to 50% off. You do not need any discount codes to shop, everything will already be on sale for you so all you have to do is it add to cart and savings are automatic.
  • Gift Cards are not on sale but will offer a promo. For every $100 gift card purchased, you’ll get $20 to spend later. $20 gift cards will arrive via email.

  • Ready Made SALE starts at 9 am pst on Friday, 11.26.21 – Our Black Friday Ready Made Collection will feature a medley of collars in a wide range of sizes and designs. Including leather and Kyon, holiday themed, specialty, and everyday styles. And they’ll all be on sale.

  • Bandana-rama – We’ve been working super hard to restock our bandana collection with tons and tons of old and new styles. Bandanas will be 50% off and are al a carte. So you can purchase with or without the nylon collar. This is the time to stock up on every style you’ve ever wanted.

  1. Small Business Saturday, 11.27.21 – SBS will feature a *site wide discount code: SBS2021. As well as a special themed Ready Made Collection at 12 pm pst and a limited release item. *Excludes ready made collection.
  2. Cyber Monday, 11.29.21 – Cyber Monday will feature more limited release collars, free shipping in the US on all orders over $150 with code CYBERSHIP, and one more themed Ready Made Collection at 9 am pst to finish off the weekend.

 Throughout December we’ll also offer Limited Release collars and mini Ready Made Collections so you can continue to stock up on gifts for the dogs and dog lovers in your life. Each sale, collection and limited release is only offered once for a limited time so if you see something you like we recommend grabbing it right away as it may not be offered or available again.

If you have any questions we are always here to help. The best way to reach us is via email at We are generally able to reply within 24 hours, sometimes sooner.

We are so thankful for your love and support all year round. And especially thankful for your patience around the holidays. Have a wonderful holiday season furiends!

Holiday Shopping Guide

Holiday Shopping Guide

It’s that time of year! The mad dash to order all the perfect gifts and get them wrapped in time for the the holidays is upon us. We put together this helpful guide to help make your Crazy Rebels shopping experience as quick and easy as possible, so you can get back to what’s really important, like petting your dog, cuddling your dog, treating you dog, and paying all the attention to your dog.

Black Friday

Black Friday is always our biggest and most inclusive sale of the year so you definitely don’t want to miss it. Absolutely everything is on sale, which almost never happens. And the best part about this year, is that everything ordered through our website at ships in two weeks or less. So anything ordered on Black Friday will arrive by December 24th.

What’s on sale? It’s all on sale! Literally every single thing on our website (except for gift certificates) will be on sale. You won’t need a discount code, just shop starting at 12 am PST on Friday, 11.27.20 and save!

How can I order a collar? There are currently three ways to order collars.

  1. On our website: Our collection of Kyon basics is available to order any time through our website. You can customize colors and hardware and these collars and leashes all ship in two weeks or less.
  2. Ready Made Collections: We will offer three Ready Made Collections, with Black Friday being our biggest sale. Ready Made Collections offer decked out collars that are ready to ship. There is one of each available so we recommend shopping right at the sale start time for the best selection. These collections will include collars ranging in size from 9” - 11” up to 24”- 26” and will feature both leather and Kyon options in Christmas color schemes, every day colors, and more. These will all ship in time for Christmas.
  • Black Friday, 11.27.20, 9 am PST
  • Small Business Saturday, 11.28.20, 12 noon PST
  • Cyber Monday, 11.30.20, 9 am PST
  1. Custom order: If you want a super custom collar we offer a waitlist system. To join the waitlist just shoot us an email at and we’ll get you all set up. The waitlist is about 12 months out at the moment. We are working hard to get this time frame down and thank you so much for your patience.

Small Business Saturday

We are always beyond thankful for your love and support of our tiny but mighty company. Crazy Rebels is a labor of love, we love making dog gear for you! Shop our Ready Made Collection starting at 12 noon PST on Saturday, 11.28.20. And enjoy 15% off site wide with code THANKYOU2020 (excludes Ready Made Collection and gift certificates).

Cyber Monday

The third and final Ready Made Collection will go live at 9 am PST on Monday, 11.30.20. Plus, enjoy free shipping worldwide on any order over $150, no code needed.

Some notes on shipping and deadlines:

For International orders the suggested cutoff  to place an order for Christmas delivery is Cyber Monday, November 30th. For US orders the suggested cutoff to place an order is Friday, December 4th. We will continue making and shipping orders placed after that as fast as we can, but those are our suggested cutoff dates for stress free delivery.

With that being said, 99% percent of the time we have 100% faith in the USPS, this year things have been a little unpredictable due to COVID so we have some notes about shipping to ensure on time delivery worldwide.

All US orders placed by Friday, December 4th will ship in time to arrive by December 24th, Christmas Eve. If you are traveling or need your order sooner than that, please let us know when you order. 

For International orders, we use the United States Postal Service. If you would like to upgrade to DHL or FedEx please let us know as soon as you have placed your order and we will send you an upgrade option.

Thank you so (so, so, so, so) much for choosing Crazy Rebels for your holiday needs. We love serving you! We are always here to answer questions you may have, please feel free to email us throughout the holiday weekend with any inquiries. Happy Holidays friends!

Stealth Mode

Stealth Mode

We created the Stealth collar to keep dogs safe. The Kyon Stealth collar is a waterproof collar with nameplates rivets right to the collar. An easily ID’d dog is the safest way to ensure, should your dog get loose or lost, they will be returned as quickly as possible. 

The Kyon Stealth collar features our waterproof Kyon base for durable, all purpose fit and function. Offered in 17 colors, three widths and two hardware finishes, you can choose the best aesthetic for your dog. Choose from an array of bright or neutral colors, stainless steel or solid brass hardware, and 1-1/2”, 1”, or 3/4” widths.

Our ID tags are deeply stamped by hand with your dogs name and phone number, each letter and each number lovingly set to last a lifetime. This ensures your dogs important info will never fade or rub away.

The Kyon Stealth is a great collar for every day use, whether around the house or out and about, rest assured your dog is ID’d. The Stealth is also an important part of your emergency kit.

Emergency tip: We recommend keeping a set of Kyon Stealth collars and Kyon leashes in an easily accessible emergency go-bag for your dog or pack. If you’re like us you may have collars, leashes, and supplies in various areas of your home, but in an emergency situation you won’t have time to think of where everything is, you’ll just want to collar up your pups in ID’d collars and go. This is why we keep a set of Stealths for our pack in a backpack ready to go. We don’t use these collars for every day use, we don’t grab them for the beach, we always keep them in the same location, ready to go in an emergency.




What's Up With The Waitlist?

What's Up With The Waitlist?

Here are some answers to questions you might have concerning how to order a super awesome, custom crafted collar from Crazy Rebels. We're here to make ordering leather collars as easy as possible, and answer all of your collar related questions. So ask away! 

 Why can't I order leather collars on your website?

 Our leather collars are all custom crafted, to order, by hand. Due to increased demand for our leather goods, (i.e. you guys order them faster than we can make them) our leather collars are currently only available to order through our waitlist. 

What is a waitlist and how does it work? 

Our waitlist is basically just a virtual line to order leather collars. You email us at (subject line: WAITLIST) and we'll hold your place in line. Once your turn comes up, we will email you and work with you to place your custom order. You can order as many as you like once it's your turn. You'll have a set amount of time to place your order so be sure to email us back as soon as you hear from us.

How long is the waitlist?

At the moment our waitlist is about a year long. (We know, super long, and we're so sorry for the wait). We promise we are making collars as quickly as possible, and we do have a plan to be caught up fairly shortly.

Does it cost anything to join the waitlist?

You do not have to pay anything up front, joining the waitlist is completely free and you aren't obligated to place an order. Once your turn comes up you can simply pass if you don't want to order. Keep in mind you will need to get in line again should you decide you want to order in the future.

I'm on the waitlist, what's the status?

For everyone currently on the waitlist. We will be individually emailing you all over the next few weeks to give you a personalized update. But in the meantime, here is an overview of what you can expect.

  • We would like to apologize that when you join the waitlist we can't really give you an accurate wait time. We do our best to guess, but it's just that, a guess. We do not limit how many collars you can order when your turn comes up, which means the waitlist can really move at varying speeds. 

  • Our main goal, is that once your turn is up on the waitlist and you have placed your order, you will not have to wait very long to receive your collars. For this reason, for the time being the upfront wait time is going to be a little longer and we are sincerely appreciative of your patience.

  • Because of the extensiveness of the waitlist, we do not typically update you during your wait, but you are welcome to contact us at any time and ask where you are in line. 

Why is there a wait in the first place?

For the time being, we are a teeny, tiny company. We have one collar maker who hand crafts hundreds of collars every month. Yes this is a decision we have made, but it doesn't change the fact that he hand makes every. single. custom. collar. And you guys simply want collars faster than we can make them. We started Ready Made Sales to satiate the need for instant gratification and get you collars right away. We will continue to balance custom orders with Ready Mades until we are caught up on customs.  We thank you for your patience during our growing pains.

We love crafting collars for you.

The Heart of Crazy Rebels

The Heart of Crazy Rebels

When we started out on this wild venture called Crazy Rebels we had no idea what we were in for. We had no idea we weren’t actually building a company, we were creating a community. Our customers have become our best friends, who have really become more like family. We live and breathe Crazy Rebels, 25 hours a day, 8 days a week we are deeply invested in crafting collars and communicating with you. That’s pretty much all we do, and we LOVE it.

Our love for dogs is pure and true, and at the heart of Crazy Rebels that’s what you’ll find, a honest to goodness simple love for canines.

We strive to make dogs and their humans happy and that will always be our main mission. We love serving you. If you ever have a comment, question, concern, or just a picture of your dog you want to share, we always enjoy hearing from you.

So mostly what we really want to say is simply, thank you! Thank you for supporting us as we grow, for your patience, love and encouragement. We wouldn’t be where we are today with out YOU. You are the heart of CR. 

As a small thank you, please enjoy 15% off site wide today with code THANKYOU2019.