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Diesel's Favorite Cupcakes

Happy 3rd birthday to our sweet Diesel. This boy is the most loving, gentle soul we have had the pleasure of knowing. We cannot imagine our home without him in it. He brings so much joy to his humans and tender companionship to his two big sisters. We love you so mister D!

  Just like his daddy, Diesel's first and second favorite foods have to be bacon and more bacon. For his birthday he insisted we make bacon inspired cupcakes. These chicken, apple, carrot cupcakes for dogs are not only delicious (Diesel's words, not mine) but they're also super easy to make and pretty healthy too (But don't tell Diesel). The only vegetables Diesel likes are the Orbee rubber ones he can chase around the backyard, but these dog cupcakes combine the yummy flavors of chicken and bacon with the health benefits of carrots and apples to make one mighty tasty bite.

 Since Diesel is pretty baller, we threw him a baseball themed party complete with organic Bacon Baseball Bite pupcakes. Check out the recipe below and let us know what your pups think!


Happy 3rd Birthday to Dakoda!

Today our Dakoda turns three! We love this sweet, stoic girl and all the joy, fun, and affection she has brought to us and our pack in the last three years. Happy birthday baby girl!

A Sweet Celebration

For Dakoda's 2nd birthday party we made her Peanut Butter Frosted Applesauce (pup)cupcakes. Let's just say they were a huge hit. Most of her guests devoured their cupcake in a single bite, with the exception of Cupcake who despite her name takes a little longer to eat her sweets.

The recipe was super simple to make, just remember to frost them right before serving so the frosting stays fluffy and fresh.

Bone appetit!

vv {Satisfied birthday girl} vv

A Birthday Party For Dakoda

This week Dakoda turned two years old. Since her birthday falls in the dead heat of summer, we threw her a pool party with some of her very best friends. She loves to splash around in puddle size bodies of water, but nothing larger. So we got her a dog sized pool, filled it with 4 inches of water and she was in birthday heaven.

We played some awesome dog games, like bobbing for dog treats which Diesel won hands (paws) down in record time. Most dogs won't stick their head under the water but Diesel had no problem diving in nose first to rescue drowning treats. Dakoda and her guests devoured tons of treats and romped around the backyard for hours.

As the sun sank low, we finished the party with dog friendly peanut butter-applesauce cupcakes (recipe to follow) and then Pork Chop the English Bully promptly fell asleep under the table letting us know it was time to call it a night.

Thank you to everyone who helped make Dakoda's birthday super special. She is smiling in her sleep as we speak! Here are some more photos from her dog party, if you'd like to take a peek at her awesome friends.


vv {Diesel and Dakoda race to rescue sinking treats} vv

Happy 1st Birthday Diesel!


It is hard to believe that our once 8-pound puppy is somehow already one year old! 

Over the past year he has gained a whopping 70 pounds coming in at a massive 78 pound one-year weigh in. He has grown from the most adorable rollie pollie puppy into a handsome dog right before our eyes.  His clumsy puppy trot has been replaced by a long graceful stride, and he has gone from jumping through hula-hoops to clearing fences with ease.

 He received his AKC STAR Puppy certificate at 5 months old, completed Cool Dog 1: Puppy Kindergarten, Cool Dog II: Beginning Good Manners, Cool Dog III: Mastering Good Manners, and Cool Dog IV: Mastering Good Manners with Distractions. He has learned sit, lay, wait, stay, come, speak, and high five and can pretty much charm a treat out of anyone. 

We are so very thankful for every moment of this precious boy’s life. He has brought us so much joy and love and makes us laugh on a daily basis. He is the epitome of happiness and we adore that about him. Since the first day we brought him home at 8-weeks old, we have only fallen more deeply in love with this dog. We cannot imagine a single day without you Diesel. We will love you forever. 

Happy birthday buddy!