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Barktoberfest 2012

At the start of October we road tripped to Northern California to take part in Placer SPCA's annual Barktoberfest. The weekend events raised $47,000 for the Placer SPCA and will help countless animals find health, love, and security. Throughout the day we met so many well dressed dogs and their humans wearing too many cool costumes to even pick a favorite. Here's a little gallery of some friends we made and instantly fell in love with.


Save The Pit Bulls


"Loved for who I am, Hated for what I am not."

In honor of Pit Bull Awareness month we drew up this limited edition Pit Bull poster print meant to help rebrand the breed by means of education. These posters were printed in limited quantity, and each one comes numbered and signed for authenticity. Buy a poster and help ban ignorance.

A Whole Lot of Leather

Diesel came with us to help pick out leather for our debut line of Rebel Collars. In specific, he was searching for the perfect feel for his very own Diesel Collar. After spending several hours thumbing through buttery soft cowhide, faux print grain, and some stiff soon-to-be Louis Vuitton grade leather we left feeling inspired and intoxicated with that musky smell of leather. 

Genuine leather collars, available in our Crazy Rebels shop


Sewing Away

When we started Crazy Rebels we knew we wanted everything to be handcrafted in the USA, but perhaps most importantly, made with a whole lot of love. And so it began, the quest for the very best products for all the Rebel pups in the world to wear and love. The Rebel Bandana Collars are made in-house from seam to tag. With a range of custom sizes, each bandana will add a pep in your pup's step, just knowing every one is stitched with love and care. 

We know you love your dogs, we love them too! Which is why we want you to be able to dress them in the very best. Shop Crazy Rebels for all you rebel pup apparel needs.

Doggone Good Birthday Cake

In July our Doberman Dakoda turned one, so we threw her an all out first birthday party. We sent out invitations to her best friends and their humans, we decorated with pictures of her as a puppy, and we got ham bone favors for all of her guests to take home.

And, of course, we made her a doggie birthday cake because what kind of parents would we be if we didn’t?

The list of human foods that dogs cannot consume is somewhat long, so a safe bet when baking homemade goodies for dogs is to keep the ingredient list basic and short. We found this recipe online and crosschecked just to make sure all the ingredients were K9 friendly before embarking (no pun intended) on this cake-making mission.