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Happy New Years!

Happy New Years!

As we look ahead to the year before us, we can't help but take a moment to look back at all the 
awesomeness that was 2017. Thank you for your love and support all year long. This year was pretty epic,

but 2018 is going to be even better.

We have a TON of new products in the works, including some gorgeous new blinged out collar designs.

Happy New Years friends! Wishing you all the best in 2018! 

Why Are Small Businesses So Important?

Why Are Small Businesses So Important?

National Small Business Week, April 30 - May 6, 2017

As a small business we are so appreciative of nationally recognized movements such as National Small Business Week. It is in part because of Small Businesses that America thrives, but it is because of your support that we even exist. We'd like to take a moment to thank you! Thank you for loving us and for believing in us from the very beginning. We have found an incredible love through the dog community that motivates us to keep going when things are hard, and celebrates with us when things are awesome. Crazy Rebels is quite literally built on and sustained by love.

Some facts about small businesses*:

  • More than half of Americans either own or work for a small business.
  • Small businesses create two out of every three new jobs in the U.S. each year.
  • America's entrepreneurs and small business owners critically contribute to America's economy.
  • Small businesses increase America's global competitiveness.
  • Their work creates 21st century jobs and drives innovation.

We are so thankful to you for supporting our small business. Please enjoy 15% off site wide all week long, use code THANKYOU15!  


Pink Heart Treats For Your Pups

While we're indulging in chocolate and holiday goodness, we love to bake homemade treats for our pups to enjoy Valentine's Day too. These particular treats turn out pink because of the beets making them the perfect morsel to celebrate the token day of love.

The recipe is super easy to make and the end result is the cutest puffy pink hearts that dogs just love to snack on. Diesel and Dakoda made enough to bring to day school to share with their friends and they wanted to share their recipe with you.

Bone appetite!

Forever in Our Hearts, 9/11 Remembered

September 11th is a day for remembering, it's also a day for honoring, and also for being thankful. 

We remember all those who lost their lives on this day thirteen years ago. And those who lost loved ones. We remember the incredible strength and compassion we saw come forth after that horrific turn of events and we remember that united we stand.

We honor all those who risked their lives, who volunteered their time, and who gave everything to help others. We honor the all the dogs who helped through search and rescue and through therapy work. This story about a therapy dog who brought comfort and love to so many at Ground Zero will bring tears to your eyes, we promise. The undeniable understanding of our canine companions is something that will forever astound and inspire. 

And finally, we are so thankful for our freedom and the beautiful life we have today. America is a strong nation, and the resilience and unwavering perserverence through tragedy and devastation is something that makes us proud to call this place home.

Land of the free, home of the brave. We vow to forever remember 9/11.

National Dog Day and a Flash Sale!

National Dog Day was founded for two main reasons; to honor dogs, and to help promote the rescue of dogs from homelessness and abuse. Although we already love dogs every moment of every day, today in particular is an opportunity to raise even more awareness for rescue dogs and to formally appreciate the value and importance of dogs in our lives. It's a thank you to our dogs for making life infinitely better.

National Dog Day, also referred to as International Dog Day or National Dog Appreciation Day is celebrated each and every August 26th to publicize the amount of dogs that need homes and recognize all the awesome dogs who are already living the good life with their forever families.  Here's to the dog, our loyal companion. So post a picture of your dog(s), or share a picture of one who needs a home and help spread the word that DOGS ROCK!

In honor of dogs, here's a little flash sale to score 25% off EVERYTHING at 1 hour only. Go.