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Lyme Disease Awareness Month


This month we are bringing awareness to not only pet cancer but Lyme disease as well. If you have not been affected, either personally or by association, by Lyme disease you might not even know what it is. But for those who have seen its affects, know the life changing havoc Lyme leaves in its wake.

We’ll be sharing info, facts, our personal story, others experiences, and support all month long to help advocate for Lyme awareness. We've also crafted a very special Lyme collar, matching bracelet, and 4 new Ruff Tags charms all about Lyme!! 

Lyme disease is essentially an infection caused by something called a spirochete (a big fancy word for a flexible spirally twisted bacterium) that humans and dogs can contract from the bite of an infected deer tick. This terrible disease can affect and attack any organ in the body including the brain, nervous system, muscles and joints, and even the heart. Lyme is initially confusing and scary for several reasons:

-It is not readily diagnosed.
-The symptoms are similar to those of many other diseases.
-The Infectious Diseases Society of America states that there is no such thing as “chronic Lyme disease”, but anyone with this mysterious and debilitating disease will tell you other wise.

What are the symptoms of Lyme? Lyme disease has been called “The Great Imitator” because the symptoms are easily mistake for those of ALS, MS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Autism to name a few.

Symptoms include: Fatigue, weakness, headache, pack pain, joint and muscle pain, stiff/ sore neck, nausea, diarrhea, sore throat, swollen glands, rash, dizziness, confusion, buzzing sensation in nerves, paralysis, trouble with speaking, thinking, talking, walking, and concentration, trouble breathing, mood swings, and crying spells. Lyme is no joke!

How do you get Lyme disease? People and dogs get Lyme disease from the bite of an infected tick. The longer a tick is attached to the body the longer they feed, which increases the risk of them passing the Lyme bacteria into your bloodstream.

What else carries Lyme disease? Ticks, mosquitoes, flies, fleas, and wild animals such as rodents, rabbits, birds, and deer can all carry the spirochete bacteria of Lyme.

Where do ticks live? Ticks live in warm, damp places usually near water grass or brush. This is why it is so important to protect yourself and your pets when hiking, playing, and exploring.

So what do you do? It’s very important to use tick repellent on yourself and your dogs when hiking in tick heavy places. Check yourself and your pets carefully after being out in tick territory. Be sure to check in the nooks and crannys, along the waistband of your pants, and all over on pets paying special attention to their ears, arm pits, and paw pads.

Check here for the correct way to remove a tick.

Now help pass it on and fight the bite! Lyme bites, but it doesn’t have to stop there. Education is key.

Win Our New Lady Collar & Tag!

Introducing the new Lady Collar and a way to win one! Inspired by the classic Disney dog movie about a dainty Lady and her grungy mutt counterpart, this collar embodies the chicly pampered life of a loved dog ! Boasting beautiful bright teal leather and gleaming brass hardware this collar is for all of the regal ladies. And for a limited time each Lady collar comes complete with a free custom bold brass ID tag with your dog's name on the front and phone number on the back. Dress your little lady in elegant style with this prim and proper set.

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Lost But Found

There is a purposeful thought process that goes into every product we design. Quality of materials and craftsmanship when paired with optimum fit, function and timeless style create a piece of rebel wear that will make you and your dog very happy. This is the story of how the safety leash came to be. 

On New Years Day a 15-pound Klee Kai named Giovanni and his owner set out on a walk in their rural community as they often do. Gio wore a nylon harness as he usually does and everything seemed destined to start out January on the right foot. But the turn of events that happened on this ordinary walk turned the next four days into a living nightmare. As they walked in the distance Gio's owner saw a group of bike riders with bigger dogs approaching and knowing that her little dog is a bit wary of people and dogs she went to cross the street, assuming Gio was right behind her. As she looked back to reassure him she watched in terror as Gio effortlessly backed out of his harness and darted into the woods.

In an instant her heart sank. She knew his skittish nature and fearful demeanor would make him nearly impossible to coax back to her. He was in coyote county now, and he was all alone. A little dog up against wild animals and cold winter nights. She immediately went to work doing everything she could think of to find him. Her community of dog loving friends came together to look for Gio and over the next 96 hours would cover a great amount of ground searching every tree, rock, and possible crevice. His desperate momma didn't sleep or stop for four days as she searched sun up to long after sun down. 

On the third day search dogs were brought in along with a pet detective but to no avail. As the outcome began to look less and less hopeful a phone call came in, a resident who has seen the missing dog flier called saying he believed Giovanni was on his property. The resident admitted he had originally thought Gio was a coyote but after seeing the flier put the facts together and quickly realized that this was the dog they were searching for. Gio was finally rescued, albeit 2 pounds lighter and sustaining several puncture wounds which appeared to have come from a much larger dog, he was at least alive.

After the relief had set in his owner contacted us to come up with a set-up for walking that her escape artist Giovanni could not wriggle out of. So we made him a perfect fit harness to assure he couldn't back out of it and paired it with a martingale collar, a six-foot leash, and a safety leash too. 

What is a Safety Leash?

The safety leash is a small attachment that connects the leash to the collar, while also allowing the leash to connect to the harness. It's a back-up leash that assures should your dog somehow manage to backout of their collar (or harness) they are still safely leashed. The safety leash is completely detachable from the leash so that you can still use the leash on it's own as well. When paired with our custom fit collars and harnesses, this set-up promises peace of mind for walking securely and in style.

**Safety Leashes and Harnesses are currently available by custom order only, but will be in our online shop shortly. For all custom inquiries please feel free to email us at

Lucky You!

The all new Lucky Dog rebel bandana collar is here! If you are lucky enough to be loved by a dog, then you are lucky enough. Dogs may think they are lucky to have treats, toys, love, and fun but we know that really we the humans are the lucky ones. Style your dog for St. Patrick's Day in the Lucky Dog rebel bandana.

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