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New Year, New Toys

The New Year always feels so fresh. It’s a chance to clean out and bring in, as the saying goes out with the old and in with the new. So after taking count of our packs holiday loot we deemed it appropriate to let go of overly loved toys and forever retire them to the toy grave yard.

When it comes to dog toys some last longer than others. Many toys have died within minutes of newness and some have impressed us with their durability. We have come to love a few treasured toys, and the rebel pack wanted to share these favorites with you.

Meet the contributors:

Cupcake, 4 year old Malshi: Razor sharp mini teeth on a mission to chew and destruct any toy in their path.
Dakoda, 2.5  year old Doberman: Alpha dog, toy hoarder, ball whore.
Diesel, 1.5 year old Doberman: Happy go lucky boy who has no idea his own strength.

The Kong Frisbee, alive 9 months. This Frisbee must be made of indestructible rubber because it has endured and officially passed the Doberman tug of war test. It has withstood every water test including ocean water, sprinklers, rain, and slobber. Aside from a little fading this frisbee seriously pulls its weight.

The Hardcore Firehose, alive 20 days. This is Cupcake’s all-time favorite toy ever. She guards it with her life and carries it around like a security blanket. This toy will not survive Doberman play but it will last a few months with Cupcake before she has chewed it into tiny pieces. Made from real firehouse this tough little toy is a hot commodity in the rebel house.

The Chuckit Max Glow ball, recently deceased. For all intensive purposes this ball is actually still alive, just very lost. The original Chuck-It ball lasted the better part of two years until it was forever misplaced on a rainy hike. Dakoda can sniff out her ball no matter where it ends up, but on one fateful hike as it started to rain we made a mad dash for the car leaving behind her treasured Chuck-It. However, Santa since spoiled her with a few more which are sure to last until we lose them. Long live the Chuck It!

The Orbee-Tuff Eggplant, alive 3 weeks. Aside from anything edible, the eggplant is Diesel's one true love. Orbee-Tuff is a super awesome custom compound created by Planet Dog to withstand intense chewing, playing, and overall fun without breaking down (like ever). This toy is a new find and an instant favorite. A boy and his eggplant, it's a beautiful thing.

What toys do you and your dogs love most?