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We’ve put together our annual Black Friday through Cyber Monday guide to make your CR holiday shopping as easy as possible. We’ve got a killer line up of sales, steals, and deals on everything CR including tons of collars, so get ready to score and save. Join our VIP text message list to get alerts, deals, and VIP offers all weekend text CRAZYREBELS to (951) 404-2726 to join.

Here’s the Ready Made list:




BLACK FRIDAY Friday, November 24, 2023: CR BF kicks off at midnight, 12 am pst. This is our biggest, all inclusive sale of the year. Everything is on sale 25% to 50% off! No code needed. 

Our biggest ready made of the entire year, Black Friday Ready Made SALE will go live Friday morning Friday 11.24.22 at 10 am pst. No passcode will be needed to access this sale. The collection will go live right at 10 am pacific standard time. There will be one of each collar available and everything will be on sale up to 50% off. Our Black Friday Ready Made Collection will feature a medley of collars in a wide range of sizes and designs. Including leather and Kyon, holiday themed, specialty, and everyday styles. And they’ll all be on sale. For more info on how Ready Made Collections work, check out our Ready Made guide. If you’ve been wanting a CR collar, there is no better time.

SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY Saturday, November 25, 2023: 

  • 12 pm Blackout Ready Made Sale no code needed, everything is on sale for you.
  • 20% off site wide* with code SMALLBIZ23. Starts at midnight. *only excludes ready made collection and gift certificates.

CYBER MONDAY Monday, November 27, 2023: 

  • 10 am surprise Ready Made Sale no code needed, everything is on sale for you.
  • 15% off site wide with code CM23.
  • Plus free shipping in the US and Canada on orders over $150.

 Each sale, collection and limited release is only offered once for a limited time so if you see something you like we recommend grabbing it right away as it may not be offered or available again.

If you have any questions we are always here to help. Feel free to message on social media or email We are so thankful for you all year round. And especially thankful for your patience around the holidays. Have a wonderful holiday season CR pack!



Over the past decade we’ve seen a lot of changes with bully bans all over the world. We have always advocated to end BSL (breed specific legislation) and now in light of the UK’s most recent legislation we’re raising our voices to help educate once again. It doesn’t matter where on earth these bans take place, even if they don’t directly affect your household, they affect the dog community in general and it needs to end. For those that own these breeds (our selves included) it is so frustrating to have a well behaved peaceful dog deemed dangerous simply because of their pedigree and not at all related to their actions.  Dog breed does not correlate with behavior, how a dog is raised and trained determines the dogs demeanor. Irresponsible pet ownership is to blame, not the breed.


What is BSL? 

BSL stands for breed-specific legislation which are laws that regulate, and in some cases ban, dog breeds which are believed to be dangerous such as pit bulls and other bully breeds. Dobermans and Rottweilers are also often on these lists. This type of legislation is often enforced by animal control officers by simply visually identifying a dog’s breed which is not accurate or reliable. 

What is the new ban in the UK?

Beginning December 31, 2023 XL bully breeds will be added to the list of banned “dangerous dogs” making it illegal to breed, sell, give away or abandon a banned type of dog. If you own a currently banned breed type, and don't have a certificate of exemption to keep them, the police can seize the dog and keep them, even if they're not acting dangerously and no complaint has been made.
Beginning February 1,  2024 it will be a criminal offense to own an XL Bully in England and Wales unless you have a Certificate of Exemption for your dog. You will need to adhere to strict rules such as microchipping your dog and keeping it on a lead and muzzled when in public. You will also need to neuter your dog and obtain third party insurance.

The craziest part about this ban is how generic and objective it is. XL bullies are crossbreeds and Kennel Club breed standards do not exist. Therefor there are currently no exact specifications for this type of dog.  So the government created its own specifications for the breed, which includes the size of their head and muzzle, their build and the length of their body. Breed name, genetics and parentage are not considered.

This ultimately means that it will be illegal for current rescue organizations to  re-home any XL bully breeds. They will have to be euthanized unless they can be relocated out of the affected countries.

What can you do?

Here are some things you can do to help stop the spread of breed-specific legislation:

  1. Educate yourself. Understand the topic at hand and breeds affected by BSL so that in turn you can help educate others.
  2. Educate others. Talk about BSL, bring the issue too light to help spread awareness of the issue.
  3. Teach children dog safety. It’s so so important to teach your little ones from infancy how to treat and interact with dogs. Teaching children respect for dogs decreases the chance of a dog bite which in turn helps the epidemic of dogs being blamed for their actions simply because of their breed and not due to the situation that caused the bite.
  4. Responsible dog ownership. Train and socialize your own dogs to help exemplify well behaved dogs no matter the breed, but especially if you own a deemed “dangerous breed”.
  5. Join an anti-BSL group or support a bully rescue doing work to help fight BSL.
  6. Adopt a bully breed. Due to stigmas surrounding bullies, there are often many to choose from at any given local shelter.

We designed the Don't Bully My Breed artwork to help educate and have found it often sparks a conversation which is exactly what educating and getting the word out is all about. 


Kobe Day

Kobe Day

Having grown up watching NBA basketball there’s a certain nostalgia that comes with Laker culture. It’s not just the games, it’s the energy, the camaraderie, it’s the players, it’s the whole lifestyle. Kobe Bryant was more than a basketball legend, he was a philanthropist who gave back to his community and made the world a better place through his foundations. He cared about people just as much as he cared about the game. Kobe Day was established before he passed to honor him after his retirement, but it has become a way for the world to continue to remember his legacy.

Today we release three Limited Release Collars. One brand new special Limited Release to honor his tenacity and his drive, the Mamba Mentality Illusion Showoff Collar. The second, a CR fan favorite through the years, the MVP Ultra Collar. And finally a Laker's Two Tone Kyon and leash set. All three seek to honor and pay homage to Kobe but also to help carry out his mission to give back. He sought to better life for those less fortunate which is something we greatly admire and seek to emulate as well. 10% of proceeds from both Limited Releases will benefit the Mamba and Mambacita Sports Foundation. 

“The Mamba and Mambacita Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating positive impact for underserved athletes and boys and girls in sports. The foundation provides funding and sports programming for underserved kids to enable participation in school and/ or league sports that enrich socio-emotional and physical development. Kobe and Gigi’s vision was to create a world where young boys and girls had equal opportunity to pursue their dreams through sports and life. The foundation honors their legacy by funding programs that support their vision.” And we are proud to help them further their mission.

Hot Car Awareness

Hot Car Awareness

Every year dogs die completely preventable deaths from being left in hot cars. While these deaths are not intentional, they are avoidable. 

In a matter of minutes a car with its windows rolled up can become a death sentence. A car acts like a greenhouse and heats up rapidly. Since dogs pant to cool down, with no air circulation they can quickly overheat causing heat stroke, brain damage, and death.  

There are several misconceptions when it comes to leaving pets in the car so we thought we’d share a few, if anything, to help educate and prevent unnecessary death.

Myth #1: It’s only dangerous to leave a pet in the car if it’s hot outside. FALSE. Even when the temperature is 70 degrees out, a parked car can quickly reach unsafe temperatures above 100 within 30 minutes.

Myth #2: Parking in the shade keeps the car cool. FALSE. Because the sun moves continually throughout the day, so does the shade. So parking in the shade can change to parked in the sun within the hour.

Myth #3: Cracking the windows will keep the car cool. FALSE. Multiple studies have proven that cracking a window does not greatly affect the inside temperature, in fact a study by the Louisiana Office of Public Health found that even leaving the windows wide open does very little to affect these temperatures. It does not let in enough air, it does not circulate air, the inside of a car can still reach deadly temperatures even with windows cracked or open.. 

Myth #4: If I run in real quick he’ll be fine. FALSE. Cars can become fatal within minutes. So even just a minute it too long. When it’s hot out it’s best to leave pups at home if you can’t bring them in with you.

Myth #5: It’s safe if I leave the AC on. FALSE. There are many tragic stories of dogs being left in cars with the AC originally on, and due to the hot temperature or other factors the car shut off and with it the AC leaving the dogs to suffocate to death. 

The best rule of thumb is when you’re not in the car, they’re not in the car.

If you see a dog in a car on a hot day, check for immediate signs of distress and call 911.

GIVEAWAY: Emergency Preparedness

GIVEAWAY: Emergency Preparedness

Over the past weekend our home state of California experienced a hurricane warning and an actual earthquake, so we thought it would be a good time to brush up on our preparedness for natural disasters and emergencies. We’re giving away a CR go-bag stuffed with essentials, simply read (or skip) ;) to the end to find how to enter to win.

Living in California we grew up with earthquake drills and go-bags in our closets, so it only seems natural to create these go-bags for our pets as well. Here’s a quick checklist to make sure you are ready next time disaster strikes. 

  1. Have a plan. When time allows, you’ll want to plan for different scenarios. Some questions to ask that will help create a plan: If you have to evacuate how will you transport all your pets? Where will you go? Do they allow pets? Do you have crates and muzzles in case you have to board them? 
  2. Pack an emergency go-bag. 
  3. Make sure your pets are ID’d. Check to ensure your pets are microchipped with up to date contact info. Have a collar with ID tags and a leash ready in the same spot at all times. We always keep pre-ID’d collar and leash sets for each of our pets in a go bag in our hall closet. Should we need to leave quickly we just grab the bag and go. We also have easily accessibly slip leads in case there’s no time to put collars and leashes on. We can grab the bag and ID later. 
  4. Keep a “Pets inside” emergency info sheet on the front window of your house closest to your front door. Should something happen while you are not home emergency personnel will know how many pets to rescue with their names and info to contact you.

What to put in an emergency go-bag for pets:

  1. A collar with ID and a leash. 
  2. A copy of important documents like up to date vaccinations, registration, any current prescriptions and a current picture of your pet in case you become separated, all in a waterproof container.
  3. Food and water bowl.
  4. Snacks, treats, food.
  5. A comfy mat or bed.
  6. A favorite toy or something comforting.
  7. A pet first aid kit.
  8. Poop bags.

You can use a backpack or a duffle bag, depending on how many pets you have and if you want a bag for each or one big bag for everyone.

CR GO-BAG GIVEAWAY ($400+ value)

What you win:

A Crazy Rebels duffle stuffed with all the essentials

-A matching Crazy Rebels Kyon collar and leash set in your choice of size, color and hardware.

-Dehydrated snacks, Owiesm & Oopsies Topical Spray , and Colloidal Silver from @rawsome_revolution

-Cozy mat

-Travel bowl

-Travel water bottle


-Pet first aid kit

-Poop bags

-Waterproof/ fireproof document bag

How to enter:

  1. Find us on Instagram and FOLLOW @crazyrebels, follow @rawsome_revolution
  2. LIKE and COMMENT and/or TAG a friend on every post on @crazyrebels Instagram from Monday August 21, 2023 through Thursday August 31, 2023.