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Get Your Dog To Love Nail Time

Get Your Dog To Love Nail Time

How to Get Your Dog to Love The Dremel:  A Step By Step Guide

Giveaway closed. Congrats to the winner Marc Howard and his dog Remi.

As we wrap up our Toe Trim Tuesday giveaway (there's still time to enter, giveaway ends tomorrow!), we hope to continue to inspire you all year long to keep up consistent nail care with your dogs. Trimming your dogs nails doesn’t have to be a daunting task, just take it slow and try to think of it as a bonding session with your dog instead of a traumatic event. We have trained several dogs in the manner so we believe in it’s success and want to pass along what has worked for us. We’ve put together a step by step guide for getting your dog used to, and even possibly enjoying, Dremel day.

** Do each step until your dog is very comfortable at each stage. No need to rush, it’s not a race. If you can get your dog super comfortable with the Dremel you will have a lifetime of easy nail care ahead of you. 

Step 1:  Get your dog familiar with the Dremel. We started this when our dogs were puppies, so it’s never too early to start. You can also use this method on older dogs and every age in between. But if you have the benefit of starting early on with a young pup, DO IT! Start now. 

First you’ll want to pull out your Dremel along with treats (peanut butter or high value treats work best) in front of your dog. You can even put peanut butter on the handle of the Dremel and let them lick it off. *Just make sure the Dremel is unplugged or has the battery pack removed when doing this step. You are not even going to turn it on. You just want them to associate the Dremel with good things. You can touch the Dremel to their nails while treating them but just don’t turn it on yet.

Step 2: Now it’s time to turn it on. This step is similar to the first step, except no touching the nails to the Dremel while it’s on. Just treating and lots of praise and letting them hear the Dremel. You can ask them to sit and lay next to you while holding the Dremel that is turned on. 

Step 3: Actual contact. We suggest two people for this step. It just makes it easier and safer. Even now when our dogs are socialized with the Dremel we typically tag team nail day and both assist in the process. We usually do this step outside as the nail dust tends to fly, ew. Lay a blanket or towel down on the lawn and ask your dog to lay on it. You generally want them laid out on their side so they are less likely to try to get up. One persons job is to distract the dog with treats and love and pets. A spoon full of peanut butter works well here as they are so intently focused on licking that they forget whats going on with their feet. Don’t be stingy, you will go through lots of peanut butter at this stage but it will be worth it we promise.

The other person’s job is to Dremel as efficiently as possible. It’s go time! Firmly hold one paw at a time so there is no wiggling and do one nail at a time with the Dremel. If at any time your dog becomes distressed just stop and try again the next day. You don’t want to have any negative association with the Dremel. 
We slowly phased out the usage of treats. Usually petting, rubs and cuddles will do the trick just fine. But of course each dog is different and may always require some extra incentive.

Step 4: You’re done. Repeat once a week and your dogs nails will be in tip top shape.

The key here is to go slowly through all the steps to build a positive connection with what the Dremel represents. When our dogs see the Dremel they literally follow us to the backyard and lay down themselves because they know they’re about to get a massage. 

This method has worked for us and many others so we hope it works for you too. If you have any questions feel free to email us directly, we’d be happy to discuss with you. Happy nail trimming!

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Giveaway: Nail Care For Your Dog

Giveaway: Nail Care For Your Dog

Contest closed! Congrats to the winner Marc Howard.

We’re kicking off the new year on the right foot, quite literally. ;) Whether you have one or ten dogs in your pack, remembering weekly nail maintenance can feel overwhelming. So we’re instituting Toe Trim Tuesday as a fun reminder to trim those toesies on a weekly basis. A while back we instituted this Tuesday ritual for our own pack as a way to keep ourselves accountable and make sure everyone’s nails are always at a good length.  Our mission is to inspire a routine in your household so that nail care is never an issue again.

Why trim the nails?

Because the average house dog doesn’t wear down their nails enough naturally, it is important that we do it for them. Long nails can cause many problems for dogs and can be very painful. Untrimmed nails are more likely to get caught and tear. Ouch!! Shorter nails are much more comfortable for your dog.

Nail Care options


Pros: In our experience the safest and most effective way to trim a dogs nails is by filing them with a Dremel instead of clipping with clippers. You have more control and there is a much smaller risk of hitting the quick. 

Cons: This process is more time consuming and takes some investment in equipment.


Pros: Clippers are quick and efficient and do not cost a lot. 

Cons: You can more easily cut the quick if you are not experienced.


Pros: You don’t have to deal with the actual maintenance and groomers are experienced and proficient at nail care. They generally offer both clipper and Dremel options.

Cons: This can get expensive if you are going every week, and then there is the inconvenience of taking your dog to the groomer more often.


Pros: If your dog is difficult to wrangle some people find a vet the best option for getting the nails down. You can rest assured your dog is in safe, competent hands.

Cons: This option isn’t really feasible on a weekly basis and can be pretty costly, unless you are already at the vet for an appointment.

Toe Trim Tuesday Giveaway 

Because we love the Dremel so much, seriously we have at least four, we’re giving away one brand new Dremel to make your weekly nail care regimen easy peasy. And of course it’ll come with a matching classic Kyon collar and leash.

To enter: 

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  2. Post a picture of your dog(s) on our Facebook page with a New Years resolution you have for you and your dog(s), (i.e. camp at least twice with my dog, walk my dog once a day, teach my dog to drive, venture to the moon with my dog, etc. you get the idea) and hashtag #toetrimtuesday.

Giveaway ends January 31, 2018. Open worldwide.

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