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Month of Giving

We are so thankful for so many things. Not the least of which is being able to do what we love every single day. Crafting quality gear for dogs is a true passion and we are beyond thankful that we have been blessed with the opportunity to deck out your dogs.

We work with rescues and organizations to give back all year long, but we thought we would up the ante this month in honor of Thanksgiving and work with as many rescues as possible to give back as much as possible! We started off with two raffle collars for a cause, but we’re just getting started. Thanks to YOU we've already raised over $1,000 in donations.

What we've got planned and how you can help us give back too:

November 1 - 7, Nightmare Before Christmas Raffle Collar for a cause! Raised $830 for Dobies and Little Paws Rescue in Fillmore, California. This wonderful organization rescues, rehabilitates, and rehouse hundreds of Dobermans and other breeds every year. Congratulations to the winner Sherry Rowland! 

       How you can help: Donate to Dobies and Little Paws Rescue and check out their adoptable dogs!

November 8 - 15, Walking Dead Raffle Collar for a cause! Raised $350 for the winners choice organization, Desert Harbor Doberman Rescue in Arizona. Congratulations to the winner Elizabeth Davis!

      How you can help: Donate to Desert Harbor Rescue and check out their adoptable dogs!

November 14, "Home's Best Friend" Adopt-a-pet event in Ramona, California. Hosted by Coldwell Banker, they help people find homes on a daily basis and for this event their mission extends to helping dogs find homes too!  We donated a Doggy Spa basket to their Silent Auction to raise funds for There are tons of fundraising events during the holidays, so while you're enjoying friends and family be sure to remember those in need as well!

       How you can help: Donate items to an organizations silent auction or raffle for a cause.

November 16 - 22, Raffle to Win a Crazy Rebels prize pack valued at over $100 sponsored by a super generous human being, Tiffany Armstrong! Winner scores a $50 gift certificate to and two rebel bandana collars of their choice! 100% of proceeds will benefit the 100+ Abandoned Dog Rescue.

      How you can help: Get your raffle tickets here!

November 18, Cozy Donations to your local shelter. This time of year it gets cold for lots of shelter animals, so any donation of gently used blankets, towels, and dog beds is greatly appreciated by your local shelter. We'll be donating to Animal Friends of the Valleys in Wildomar, California.

      How you can help: Clean out your linen closets and donate to your local shelter or rescue.

November 21, Donate your time. On November 21st we'll be spending the day loving on adoptable Dobies from Dobies and Little Paws Rescue. Aside from the feeding, cleaning, and exercising of shelter pets many organizations need volunteers just to hang out with the dogs and spend time giving them love and attention. Shelter pets are so appreciative of your love, so take a little time to donate your time. 

     How you can help: Volunteer at your local rescue or shelter.

End of November, Donate TOYS! Shelter dogs love to play too! Our chuck-it loving Doberman Dakoda will be generously donating 100 chuck-it balls to several Southern California shelters.

      How you can help: Buy a few new toys to donate to your local shelter! 

We love to give back! And we love when you get involved too! Show us how you're helping dogs in need and giving back to your community on Instagram with the hashtag #crazyrebelscares. 

Raffle to Win For Charity

For the remainder of February we've teamed up with a very special duo of rescued Dobermans named Whiskey and Jax. You might know them as @whiskeyandjax on Instagram, but their humans simply know them as the heart of their family.

These two boys were rescued from the Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus and our raffle-to-win giveaway is to benefit their awesome organization.  Every $5 donation gets you one raffle ticket. You can buy as many as you like to increase your chances of winning and of course donate more to the cause. 100% of proceeds from every donation are donated directly to the Illinois Doberman Rescue and for each $5 donation you make your name will be entered into a raffle drawing.

On February 28 one lucky winner will be chosen at random to win a customized Monster ID tag of their choice and a bandana collar in their choice of size and print. Stock up on raffle tickets right HERE, and be sure to share this cause with as many dog loving people as you know!

Jax and Whiskey's Rescue Story:

"My husband and I decided to adopt a doberman about a year and a half ago.  We already had 2 small dogs - Mable a westie  and Niko an American Eskimo.  I grew up with labs and missed having a bigger dog to snuggle with and wrestle around with.  I wanted a dog who would protect me and then snuggle me on the couch.  Plus my husband and I both wanted a running partner.  I started researching rescues in our area and came across Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus.  I looked at all the pups they had for adoption for months before finally submitting an application.  I was impressed with their thorough application process.  They wanted to make sure I was serious about adopting this dog to become a forever home for him!  

We were drawn to Whiskey because of his color.  Being a fawn doberman he was similar in color to a weimaraner which was my husband’s second choice of dog.  I'd never seen a fawn doberman before.  We drove 3 hours to meet him and immediately fell in love with him.  He was SO sweet, was gentle with our kids and was very happy to just be with us!  We adopted him that day - February 16th, 2014.  

We found out Whiskey’s story was that he had been picked up in Georgia.  He was running down a highway dragging a heavy chain and had been struck by a car.  His only injury was to his ear but the shelter couldn’t get it to stop bleeding so he was marked for immediate euthanasia.  Lucky for him (and us!) the Doberman Assistance Network pulled him right away, fixed him up and transported him to IDR+.  I’m not sure what Whiskey’s life was before us but I do know he is the most affectionate dog I have ever had.  I joke he must not have gotten enough love in his previous life.  

In July of 2014 a litter of puppies was taken from an awful situation in Kentucky.  They were about 12 weeks old.  IDR+ stepped in to take them all.  As soon as I got wind that there were fawn pups I knew I wanted to foster one.  Whiskey’s mini me!!  I had never fostered before but I wanted to snuggle one of those babies!  I talked my husband into it thinking the puppy would be adopted FAST.  So I fostered Jax for about 2 weeks before I realized I was never going to be able to let him go. I cried at the thought of him leaving us and Whiskey and he had became the best of friends.  Needless to say Jax officially became ours July 31st, 2014.  My first foster failure.  (and my last because my husband has banned me from fostering!)

Jax was living with all of his litter mates when he came to the rescue  He was one of the less dominate ones and was pretty beat up with scars all over him.  He also has huge scars on his legs where his dew claws were brutally removed.  He was scared and shy when we got him.  After LOTS of socialization and training he has become an amazing and outgoing boy!  We love him very much.

IDR+ is special to me because they don’t turn a dog away just because it needs medical help.  They receive MANY dogs that are heart worm positive, in need of surgeries, amputations and many other medical issues.  All of these things are VERY costly yet they take those dogs in and do whatever is needed knowing they are saving a life that otherwise might not be saved.  They care about the dogs first and foremost and I love that about them.  They also don’t only take in dobermans.  That’s the “Plus” in Illinois Doberman Plus.  Last year they adopted 368 dogs!  That is a lot of lives saved!" 

Lindsey Ruth

West Lafayette, Indiana Volunteer

A very happy "Gotcha Day" to Whiskey! And a round of applause to the Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus for selflessly helping save so many lives! You truly make a difference.