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    Rebel Blog — product

    Giveaway: All Natural Amazing Treats!

    Giveaway: All Natural Amazing Treats!

    The rebel pack is 100% raw fed so when it comes to treats, it's pretty much homemade or nothing...until now. Remy's K9 Kitchen is the answer to every dog prayer. Their exclusive line of treats focuses on wholesome, minimal ingredients, all locally sourced and processed right in the USA so you know your dog is getting the very best.

    Whether your dog is raw fed or not, commercial treats are laden with fillers, preservatives, dyes, grains and even sodium. Eck. Natural freeze dried treats, however, are the absolute best product on the market for your dog. Freeze drying the ingredients preserving the majority of the nutrition.

    We sat down with the owner and dog mom, Lisa McMillan, of Remy'S K9 Kitchen to get some inside info and offer you an incredible giveaway.

    What inspired Remy’s Kitchen?

    When we adopted Remy, we knew we wanted the best possible nutrition for him. After discovering he had sensitivities to certain ingredients in his food, I started preparing his meals for him. Through trial and error we learned what those sensitivities were. That path led us to starting this company. We wanted to create a line of food and treats with clean, healthy ingredients and no fillers. Food that your pup loves and you feel good about feeding to them.

    How did you decide on the featured recipes?

    Our Superfood Snack line came about because Remy loved another freeze dried treat that wasn't meat based, but the first ingredient was potato. I thought we can definitely do better than that. Why put a filler in it? Why not have pure nutrition in every bite? Right now, we offer a Blueberry Coconut treat with Greek yogurt, Blueberries, Garbanzo Beans, Kale, Chia seed, Flax meal, and Coconut Oil. Coming soon is a Pumpkin Kale version of that. Freeze dried in their natural state, preserving 98% of their nutrients. Our Just line is just that - meat and organs , freeze dried in their raw natural state. Single sourced protein. No guessing on what else may be in that bag of treats. 

    Where do you source your ingredients from?

    Our meats are all pasture raised locally to our facility in southern Wisconsin. The ingredients for our Superfood Snacks are also sourced locally and in the surrounding Midwest.

    Where are your treats manufactured and packaged?

    Our treats are made and packaged in a USDA inspected, state of the art facility in Wisconsin. We work closely with a Holistic Veterinarian who helps us perfect our recipes for our Superfood Snacks and our line of complete meals, which are still in development. She is actively involved in overseeing our production and quality control.

    Why should dog owners choose these treats over others?

    We are dog owners too! Not some big company tying to convince you through marketing what your dog needs. We truly care, and only want only the best for your pups and ours! Presently, we offer the only Freeze Dried Superfood dog treats that do not contain ANY fillers - no potatoes, grain, or filler of any kind.

    What are the benefits of your treats?

    Our focus is clean, healthy, biologically appropriate raw food with a single sourced protein for each recipe. Great for dogs with allergies or sensitivities. You know exactly what you are getting in each bag. Our Superfood Snacks offer pure, clean superfoods for your dog in every bite. We are so excited for your pups to try them! Remy and his friends do all the taste testing, so you know you are getting pup approval on everything you try from us!

    You can find Remy's K9 Kitchen treats exclusively online on their websiteInstagram and Facebook

    To enter to win a years supply of Remy's all natural treats, check out our Instagram right here.

    The Story Behind The Collar

    The Rebel Collar was created so that anyone can create their dream collar. From beginning to end the customer works with our rebel artist to design the perfect collar they imagine in their head so that we can bring it to life. This particular collar was crafted in loving memory of a person gone too soon, Ryan David Jackson.

    This collar was crafted for a special service dog named Donkey, as a memento to keep his human dad’s memory alive. The design was inspired by one of Ryan’s tattoos so we wanted the style to closely reflect the artwork. 

    Brie share’s her story and the meaning behind why Donkey and this collar are so special:

    “Donkey was something we chose together. He was our puppy. What an honor it is to own such a special collar in his memory. This collar means so much. I could never express the meaning. I can only give a brief history to explain the design. 
Ryan David Jackson (initials on collar and also a tattoo Ryan had on his back) was a love that I had and lost. He lost his life on the scene of his car accident, Labor Day 2013. I never got to say "I'm sorry" or "Goodbye." The day he died, a big piece of me died too. At the time of his accident (1 am), I woke up in a panic. I felt it. I knew something was wrong. That afternoon I was given the news of his passing. I will never be able to explain the guilt and regret I feel. Never take your loved ones for granted; sometimes lives are cut short without any warnings. 
Crazy Rebels took the time to replicate pieces of Ryan's tattoos and design this beautiful piece of art in his memory. Whenever I think of Ryan, it makes me sad. My heart is broken. When I look at this collar, I want to smile knowing someone took the time and love to design something for me, so special, a piece of Ryan that I can physically see and touch. It makes it that much more special that my dog (our dog) has the honor of wearing it. I can't thank CR enough for the effort that went into this hand carved and hand painted collar, in memory of my lost love.” 

    Our hearts go out to Brie and Donkey, such a good reminder that life is indeed fragile and should be lived with purpose. It is our intention to put this much meaning and love into each and every collar we craft for your dogs. We hope you can feel the love.

    Catch more of this handsome guy on Instagram right here.


    Made With Love

    We get a lot of questions about our collars, so we thought we’d share with you a little behind the scenes at how our collars are made. Each and every collar is hand crafted from beginning to end using raw materials, careful attention to detail, and a whole lot of love.

    Before your collar is born: We start with whole cowhides of leather in a variety of colors and individually cut out each collar to your dog’s size specifications. In this way no two collars are ever exactly the same, which makes your dog’s collar as unique as he is. If you need help with sizing we are here to help you figure out the perfect fit for your pup. Not only do we customize the size, but also the width you prefer as well.

    We are continually researching and educating ourselves on the very best leather, so that we can offer you the very best collars. While we ship worldwide, our leather is sourced and processed right here in the USA. This assures that the quality of our leather is carefully regulated by US standards. There are different grades of leather so of course we use only that of a high quality to ensure your collar stands the test of time.

    The blue prints: Each collar is designed first with longevity, durability, and function in mind, and second for style and “wow”! Your collar needs to stand up to the rough and tumble lifestyle of a dog while also making people stop and stare. Our collar designs are unique and one of a kind so your dog stands out from the rest. We want you and your dog to be proud to rock a rebel collar.

    Hard(ware): We know dogs play hard which is why we use only the strongest, longest lasting hardware available to ensure your buckle and d-ring never rust or fail. We offer solid brass, stainless steel, and military grade coated matte black hardware so you can create the look that suits your dog’s style.

    The Shiny Stuff: Each detail of your collar can be customized, including the type of hardware and embellishments. We stock a huge assortment of leather, thread, padding, stones, pyramids, emblems, spikes, rivets, bumps, spots, and more in a variety of finishes including brass, antique brass, nickel, antique nickel, matte black, and matte white. This assortment allows you to customize every aspect of your dog’s collar from the sparkle right down to the color of thread.

    Hard working hands: Because each collar is made by hand there is a great deal of labor that goes in every aspect of your collar. Some collars take longer than others, and some take a really long time, but it is always worth the time invested to see a dog wearing a brand new hand crafted Crazy Rebels collar that will last a life time.

    Love: It’s free. So we make sure to put a whole lot of it into every collar we make.

    We take great pride in being an honest and hardworking company. We encourage you to reach out to us if you ever have any questions about any of our products. Your input is taken to heart and we thank you for taking the time to let us know your thoughts.


    We Care!

    We care. We care a whole lot, which is why we have partnered with the National Canine Cancer Foundation to spread hope and raise funds to fight cancer in dogs. The National Canine Cancer Foundation is on an all out mission to eliminate cancer as a major health issue in dogs. By dedicating their contributions to directly funding cancer research they are working to save dogs lives by finding cures, better treatments and accurate, cost effective diagnostic methods in dealing with canine Cancer, and diminishing dogs suffering from cancer through research, education, advocacy, and service. 

    Their accurately named “We Are The Cure campaign” is intended to rally every person who loves dogs to help turn research into treatments and cures that can soon benefit all dogs fighting for their lives because of Cancer. 

    One of the things we love most about dogs is how big their hearts are. No matter what they are always ready to love, so we’d like to try to give as much of that back to them as possible by donating to this incredible cause. In honor of Pet Cancer Awareness Month we are donating a portion of sales from our Strength collar and Cancer inspired charms for the entire month of May, directly to the National Canine Cancer Foundation.



    Want to contribute to the cure? Here are some ways you can do just that:

     Buy any one of our cancer charms: Fuck Cancer, Cancer Survivor, Cancer Sucks, or Down with Cancer and we'll donate 50% of the proceeds from your order.

     Buy a Strength collar in any color you like and we’ll donate 50% of the proceeds from every collar sold. 

    Donate directly to the mission that speaks most to you:
    -A general donation of love.
    -A memorial donation.
    -Honor a special occasion with a donation.
    -Honor a friend or veterinarian.

    BONUS way to get involved: If you are lucky enough to live near Lake Worth, Florida you can head out to the Bark and Bowl fundraiser on Friday, May 16. All the details right here.

    And if you don't want to donate or buy anything but still want to help, you can always simply share the word. Let people know we're giving back! Share on Facebook for a simple way to spread the love.

    Together we are the cure!