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Help Save The Unicorns

Help Save The Unicorns

We're kicking off this year by giving back!

Help save the magical unicorns. But, "what is a magical unicorn?" you ask. Magical unicorns are amazing dogs who, for one reason or another, have simple been overlooked at crowded shelters. City shelters depend on rescues like A Purposeful Rescue in Los Angeles, California to help these magical unicorns find their forever homes, but APR needs volunteers and donations to make this happen.

We've teamed up with some amazing rescue friends and wonderfully huge hearted companies to help raise money and resources for the magical unicorns at A Purposeful Rescue. We would love your support too! Any donation made automatically enters you in a raffle to win a super mega prize pack loaded with prizes from Crazy Rebels (hello cozy hoodie!!), Allku Pets, Hadley Clay Studio, Lasso Dogs, My Le Dogue, The Max Bone and The TrackR.

Here's how you can help magical unicorns AND win a prize package for your dog:

1. Make a single donation* to A Purposeful Rescue right on their website. Then comment below: "I donated to the APR fundraiser."


2. Purchase any item(s) from A Purposeful Rescue's Amazon Wish List** right here and comment below: "I purchased something from the Wish List for the APR fundraiser."

Our goal is to raise $2000 and donate every item on A Purposeful Rescue's Wish List by Feb 9. Please consider making a donation or sending a gift to a magical unicorn today!

GET YOUR DOG CARTOONED FOR THE CAUSE TOO! From now until January 15, 2017 we'll be donating a portion of proceeds from all cartoon JPGs and canvases to APR. Order yours here today!!

*APR is a 501C3 NON-PROFIT and all donations made directly to APR are tax deductible (tax ID # 46-3646857).

**Please send any item(s) purchased from Amazon to the address at the top of the Wish List:

A Purposeful Rescue
1122 Carmona Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90019-2565
United States

Raffle to Win For Charity

For the remainder of February we've teamed up with a very special duo of rescued Dobermans named Whiskey and Jax. You might know them as @whiskeyandjax on Instagram, but their humans simply know them as the heart of their family.

These two boys were rescued from the Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus and our raffle-to-win giveaway is to benefit their awesome organization.  Every $5 donation gets you one raffle ticket. You can buy as many as you like to increase your chances of winning and of course donate more to the cause. 100% of proceeds from every donation are donated directly to the Illinois Doberman Rescue and for each $5 donation you make your name will be entered into a raffle drawing.

On February 28 one lucky winner will be chosen at random to win a customized Monster ID tag of their choice and a bandana collar in their choice of size and print. Stock up on raffle tickets right HERE, and be sure to share this cause with as many dog loving people as you know!

Jax and Whiskey's Rescue Story:

"My husband and I decided to adopt a doberman about a year and a half ago.  We already had 2 small dogs - Mable a westie  and Niko an American Eskimo.  I grew up with labs and missed having a bigger dog to snuggle with and wrestle around with.  I wanted a dog who would protect me and then snuggle me on the couch.  Plus my husband and I both wanted a running partner.  I started researching rescues in our area and came across Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus.  I looked at all the pups they had for adoption for months before finally submitting an application.  I was impressed with their thorough application process.  They wanted to make sure I was serious about adopting this dog to become a forever home for him!  

We were drawn to Whiskey because of his color.  Being a fawn doberman he was similar in color to a weimaraner which was my husband’s second choice of dog.  I'd never seen a fawn doberman before.  We drove 3 hours to meet him and immediately fell in love with him.  He was SO sweet, was gentle with our kids and was very happy to just be with us!  We adopted him that day - February 16th, 2014.  

We found out Whiskey’s story was that he had been picked up in Georgia.  He was running down a highway dragging a heavy chain and had been struck by a car.  His only injury was to his ear but the shelter couldn’t get it to stop bleeding so he was marked for immediate euthanasia.  Lucky for him (and us!) the Doberman Assistance Network pulled him right away, fixed him up and transported him to IDR+.  I’m not sure what Whiskey’s life was before us but I do know he is the most affectionate dog I have ever had.  I joke he must not have gotten enough love in his previous life.  

In July of 2014 a litter of puppies was taken from an awful situation in Kentucky.  They were about 12 weeks old.  IDR+ stepped in to take them all.  As soon as I got wind that there were fawn pups I knew I wanted to foster one.  Whiskey’s mini me!!  I had never fostered before but I wanted to snuggle one of those babies!  I talked my husband into it thinking the puppy would be adopted FAST.  So I fostered Jax for about 2 weeks before I realized I was never going to be able to let him go. I cried at the thought of him leaving us and Whiskey and he had became the best of friends.  Needless to say Jax officially became ours July 31st, 2014.  My first foster failure.  (and my last because my husband has banned me from fostering!)

Jax was living with all of his litter mates when he came to the rescue  He was one of the less dominate ones and was pretty beat up with scars all over him.  He also has huge scars on his legs where his dew claws were brutally removed.  He was scared and shy when we got him.  After LOTS of socialization and training he has become an amazing and outgoing boy!  We love him very much.

IDR+ is special to me because they don’t turn a dog away just because it needs medical help.  They receive MANY dogs that are heart worm positive, in need of surgeries, amputations and many other medical issues.  All of these things are VERY costly yet they take those dogs in and do whatever is needed knowing they are saving a life that otherwise might not be saved.  They care about the dogs first and foremost and I love that about them.  They also don’t only take in dobermans.  That’s the “Plus” in Illinois Doberman Plus.  Last year they adopted 368 dogs!  That is a lot of lives saved!" 

Lindsey Ruth

West Lafayette, Indiana Volunteer

A very happy "Gotcha Day" to Whiskey! And a round of applause to the Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus for selflessly helping save so many lives! You truly make a difference.

Cutie and the Beast Makes a Burger

Our friends Cutie and the Beast came up with an awesome collaboration alongside Lil' Woody's Burgers and Shakes to promote adopt-a-shelter-dog-month. If you are lucky enough to live near Seattle, Washington then you must go try their new dog approved Cutie and the Beast burger.  This bad boy is piled high with dog friendly ingredients so it's a-OK to share with your fury best friend. Loaded with peanut butter, apples, Swiss cheese, bacon, and 1/4-pound burger patty you may not want to share after all.

 Beginning today, October 21, 2014 through October 27 a portion of proceeds from the exclusive Cutie and the Beast burger will be donated directly to the Motley Zoo Rescue in Redmond, Washington. The Motley Zoo is a wonderful foster-based rescue that houses homeless animals with real families instead of in a shelter facility until they find their forever homes.

We teamed up with some other incredible sponsors to make this week even more fun by giving away some super cool prizes! Whether you're close enough to try the Cutie burger yourself or not, anyone can enter to win a Crazy Rebels collar of your choice!! Simply snap a pic of you and your pup and post it to your Instagram with the hashtag #woodyandthebeast. Full entry details below. So what are you waiting for you?! Shop on over to our collar collection and start picking out your free collar.

Photo Contest! What you'll win:
-A Crazy Rebels collar of your choice!
-All the Best Pet Care gift basket
-A Petbox
-Green Juju Organic Dog Food Supplement
How to enter:
-Follow @lilwoodys & @cutieandthebeast on Instagram (Extra points if you follow the gift pack sponsors too)!
-Post a photo of you and your dog to Instagram and hashtag it with #woodyandthebeast and @lilwoodys @cutieandthebeast
-Contest ends 10/26. Winner announced 10/27.


A Contest With Cutie and the Beast

(CONTEST is closed. Check out the Runners Up.)

Crazy Rebels is all about making dogs and their humans happy. We like to think dogs walk a little prouder when they're wearing a Crazy Rebels collar, and we love how excited people get when their rebel gear arrives in the mail. Naturally we love to craft matching leather goods for people to match their pups. 

Cutie and The Beast are the most adorable dog/ human duo who fill their followers Instagram feed with daily smiles and sunshine. This three-year-old girl and her one-year-old best friend Doberman portray the absolute truest love between a human and a dog so we could  think of no better pair to launch our matching custom carved and painted Rebel Collar and Bracelet sets. We've teamed up with Cutie and her Beast to offer you an awesome contest to win your very own custom crafted collar and matching bracelet.

How to enter:

1.) Follow @cutieandthebeast and @crazyrebels on Instagram. 
2.) Post a picture of you or your child with your dog on Instagram and hashtag it with #cutieandyourbeast. You can enter as many different pictures as you like. All pictures entered must be posted between 8/22/14 and 8/29/14, 11:59 p.m. PST. 
3.) For an extra entry you may repost the picture above to your Instagram.

Contest ends 8/29/14 and is open to all breeds, all over the world. Pictures will be judged on originality, creativity, and clarity so show us what you've got! 

What you'll win:

The winning entry will receive a custom Rebel collar and matching bracelet set from Crazy Rebels. The Rebel Collar was created to help people design their dog's dream collar. From conceptualization to completion, you'll work one-on-one with our leather crafter to come up with an insanely one-of-a-kind collar for your dog and a matching bracelet for you (or your kiddo). The Rebel Collar set is hand carved and painted; your masterpiece, custom crafted with excellence by Crazy Rebels.  

And The Winner Is...

The winner of the Doberman Pinscher collar giveaway is Laura and her Doberman Dimitri. As a company that thrives on creativity, there is nothing we love more than to see instances of wildly creative thought take shape. We loved Laura's poetic approach to an otherwise simple contest entry and we can't wait to deck out her dobe in his very own Bolt Collar.

Here's her awesome entry:

Laura Stevens (and Dimitri) on

I’m tall and dark , yet soft and sweet
Mom buys me scrummy bones to eat
Cute as a button and smart as a whip
I may look tough but I’d never nip.

I’ve learnt to open cupboard doors,
with intellect and agile claws
I’m the apple of their eye
Me- I much prefer apple pie
All that’s edible in fact,
Why should I keep the house intact?
I love to run, and leap and play
“Walkies” time defines my day!

Even though I sometimes try
To be the boss, I know that I
Am part of something bigger still
A family- that loves me and that will
Do anything to keep me close,
So, in August when they chose
To move abroad to newer lands
They briefly left me in kind hands
While they built a home for us
And carefully planned my exodus.

It’s 3 months since I’ve seen my pack
They just can’t wait to have me back
They went ahead to clear the way
But I’ll be there in thirty days!
Across the ocean and the sky
In a giant bird I soon will fly
I’m kinda scared, as one could guess
But I’m sure going to try my best
They miss me terribly I know
And they just can’t wait to show
Me all around our new abode
It’s been a long and trying road

Now comes the purpose of my tale
I may be just a neutered male
But I’d so like to look my best
On my International voyage West
New collar might be just the thing
To make me feel like a Dobie king
A jet-setter pooch, I soon will be
Won’t you please please please pick me?
I’d love to see my Mommy’s face
At how lovely I look, in this brand new place.

- Dimitri (Dimi)