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    Rebel Blog — art

    Bad Dog Exhibit

    When we first saw a picture of the Bad Dog art exhibit going up at the Orange County Museum of Art we knew we had to see it first hand. This 24-foot tall sculpture, created by L.A. artist Richard Jackson, of a dog peeing on the wall has garnered more attention than any single exhibit at OCMA. And yes, the dog really does "pee" yellow paint! 

    The plaque in front of the exhibit reads: "Bad Dog," by artist Richard Jackson, is a temporary sculpture installed at the Orange County Museum of Art. The 28-foot-high puppy has his leg lifted on the side of the museum and is rigged to spray yellow paint on the side of the building. "Bad Dog" is part of the "Richard Jackson: Ain't Painting a Pain" exhibition, the first retrospective devoted to the 74-year-old artist. "Bad Dog" was created especially for the exhibit.

    The exhibit runs until May 5, 2013 so if you have a chance we highly recommend taking a trip to check it out.

    We are so inspired by the genius creativity of people!

    An Exciting Collaboration with Pawsh Magazine

    We are so excited to announce a collaboration we've been working on with Pawsh Magazine. Today Pawsh debuted what will become a monthly column on their website entitled Pedigree Poems. Together we worked to design custom illustrations that exemplify each breed's personality and characteristics which will be accompanied by a creative breed specific poem. The idea is to teach people about each breed in a fun and unique way. We just adore the whimsical poem Pawsh editor, Laura Benn, came up with for the Boston Terrier! 

    It has been so awesome working with Pawsh and we are honored to be a part of their gorgeous online publication. We can't wait for many more months to come. You can see the whole thing in action over on their blog!

    Save The Pit Bulls


    "Loved for who I am, Hated for what I am not."

    In honor of Pit Bull Awareness month we drew up this limited edition Pit Bull poster print meant to help rebrand the breed by means of education. These posters were printed in limited quantity, and each one comes numbered and signed for authenticity. Buy a poster and help ban ignorance.