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GIVEAWAY: Emergency Preparedness

GIVEAWAY: Emergency Preparedness

Over the past weekend our home state of California experienced a hurricane warning and an actual earthquake, so we thought it would be a good time to brush up on our preparedness for natural disasters and emergencies. We’re giving away a CR go-bag stuffed with essentials, simply read (or skip) ;) to the end to find how to enter to win.

Living in California we grew up with earthquake drills and go-bags in our closets, so it only seems natural to create these go-bags for our pets as well. Here’s a quick checklist to make sure you are ready next time disaster strikes. 

  1. Have a plan. When time allows, you’ll want to plan for different scenarios. Some questions to ask that will help create a plan: If you have to evacuate how will you transport all your pets? Where will you go? Do they allow pets? Do you have crates and muzzles in case you have to board them? 
  2. Pack an emergency go-bag. 
  3. Make sure your pets are ID’d. Check to ensure your pets are microchipped with up to date contact info. Have a collar with ID tags and a leash ready in the same spot at all times. We always keep pre-ID’d collar and leash sets for each of our pets in a go bag in our hall closet. Should we need to leave quickly we just grab the bag and go. We also have easily accessibly slip leads in case there’s no time to put collars and leashes on. We can grab the bag and ID later. 
  4. Keep a “Pets inside” emergency info sheet on the front window of your house closest to your front door. Should something happen while you are not home emergency personnel will know how many pets to rescue with their names and info to contact you.

What to put in an emergency go-bag for pets:

  1. A collar with ID and a leash. 
  2. A copy of important documents like up to date vaccinations, registration, any current prescriptions and a current picture of your pet in case you become separated, all in a waterproof container.
  3. Food and water bowl.
  4. Snacks, treats, food.
  5. A comfy mat or bed.
  6. A favorite toy or something comforting.
  7. A pet first aid kit.
  8. Poop bags.

You can use a backpack or a duffle bag, depending on how many pets you have and if you want a bag for each or one big bag for everyone.

CR GO-BAG GIVEAWAY ($400+ value)

What you win:

A Crazy Rebels duffle stuffed with all the essentials

-A matching Crazy Rebels Kyon collar and leash set in your choice of size, color and hardware.

-Dehydrated snacks, Owiesm & Oopsies Topical Spray , and Colloidal Silver from @rawsome_revolution

-Cozy mat

-Travel bowl

-Travel water bottle


-Pet first aid kit

-Poop bags

-Waterproof/ fireproof document bag

How to enter:

  1. Find us on Instagram and FOLLOW @crazyrebels, follow @rawsome_revolution
  2. LIKE and COMMENT and/or TAG a friend on every post on @crazyrebels Instagram from Monday August 21, 2023 through Thursday August 31, 2023.

Diesel's Big Giveaway

Diesel's Big Giveaway

Diesel was our big, beautiful black and rust Doberman who passed away January 1, 2020. He was a founding member of the Crazy Rebels pack and lives on through every Diesel collar we get to make. We celebrate his birth month every year by highlighting his namesake collar, the Diesel collar. This year we're doing it even bigger to celebrate not only the life and legacy of Diesel the dog, and not just a decade of Crazy Rebels the company, but a decade of the Diesel Collar in existence. 10 years of making one of our most beloved designs originally inspired by our most beloved boy.

Diesel lived life 110% to the fullest. He did everything big. From his bark to his appetite to him stamina to his sky high fence jumping ability, this boy truly was larger than life. So his giveaway needed to be big too. In honor of Diesel, for the month of March we're giving you the chance to win a completely custom Diesel Collar in your choice of colors AND a big surprise valued at $500.

This months giveaway is for our Facebook friends.

How to enter:

  • LIKE Crazy Rebels on Facebook (Meta?)
  • Interact on all of our posts on Crazy Rebels Facebook page, all month long. For the month of March; like, comment, share and/or tag your friends on all of our Crazy Rebels Facebook page posts for a chance to win a custom Diesel collar and a $500 value surprise. The more you interact, the higher your chances of winning. 
  • Winner will initially be chosen at random and then verified based on their level of interaction. So make sure you're active. Winner will be announced April 30th.
  • Bonus points for tagging people on our Diesel collar IG post right here.

And if that isn't exciting enough, mark your calendars for our annual Diesel Ready Made Collection, going down Saturday, March 27th, time TBD.

Thank you for helping us remember big D!

*Giveaway is sponsored by Crazy Rebels and is in no way affiliated with Facebook/Meta or Instagram.

Win an iPad Mini + Any CR Collar

Win an iPad Mini + Any CR Collar

In case you may not have heard, is turning ten this year! So we are celebrating all year long with over $10,000 worth of giveaways. Just our little way of saying thank you for the past ten years of supporting CR.

February’s giveaway is straight from the heart. We literally started Crazy Rebels on Instagram, drawing portraits of dogs and invoicing customers via PayPal. Before was born, it was just an Instagram account on an iPad and a whole lot of what felt like crazy dreams. Fast forward ten years and here we are, making collars on the daily and absolutely loving every moment of it. We would not be where we are today without the word of mouth love and social media. We owe our success to Instagram and the kindness of our customers and for that we are paying it forward all year long.

We are kicking off February with a month long giveaway to enter to win a collar YOU LOVE and an iPad mini. For the collar you get to choose any CR collar design your dog wants, in your favorite colors, custom made just for your pup. To enter to win, head to our Instagram right here

We LOVE you! Happy February. 




It’s our birthday! Well, sort of. It’s actually our birthyear! 2022 marks 10 years since we launched and while the actual day of the launch isn’t until November, we’re getting this party started early and celebrating all year long! When we first began all those years ago, we truly never could have imagined where we would be today. We are so very grateful for each and every person and dog we have met along the way. 

It turned out when we started this new venture we were not only building a company, we were actually creating a family. And wow do we love this family. A truly caring community of like minded, dog loving people. We are so glad you’re here.

This might be our tenth anniversary of offering you the raddest dog gear online, but we are gifting YOU all year long. We’ve done a myriad of giveaways throughout our time online, but this is going to be our most extensive string of giveaways yet! To celebrate 10, we have over $10,000 worth of giveaways planned for you over the next 12 months. Including a multitude of Crazy Rebels collars and gear, and a far reaching array of our favorite brands of dog must haves and everyday luxuries. Beginning today with the Decade Diesel. All giveaways will be hosted on Facebook or Instagram, so be sure to find us on both platforms.

The Diesel Collar

The Diesel collar was our very first collar design, so it’s only fitting it should be our first of this year’s mega giveaways too. It was inspired by our then, tiny Dober boy Diesel. He has since passed away but his memory lives on in every single Diesel collar we get to make. You see, when you select a collar you are not just getting the aesthetic design of that collar, you are also receiving a story, a little piece of our hearts in whatever form that may take. Each collar we come up with has a story from conception of design to selecting the perfect name. Over the next 12 months we’ll share more behind the collar stories and tid bits of how collars came to be. 

For the Decade Diesel we wanted a very special leather to honor the namesake dog and the collar. We selected a rare hide of super soft, gold distress Italian lambskin imported from Italy. This leather is both new and old. The vintage distress finish gives it the look of a well loved collar, which it is, and the solid brass hardware and matching padding completes its regal finish. If you want to add one of these commemorative collector’s edition Golden Decade Diesels to your collar wardrobe, we are offering a very limited number for custom order.

And if you just want to win one, you can enter to do so here.

To those of you who are new to CR, welcome, we can’t wait to get to know you. And to those of you have been with us since the start, you hold a very special place in our hearts. Thank you for helping us grow, learn, create  and connect. We couldn’t have done it without you.

WIN A Year of Treats & Style!

WIN A Year of Treats & Style!

Our favorite treat company, Remy's Kitchen, is turning one year old on Friday. So to help them celebrate this monumental occasion we've teamed up with head chef Remy to bring you one super awesome giveaway.

Head on over to our Instagram to find out how to enter to win a years supply of Remy's Treats and 12 Crazy Rebels bandanas too.