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    Thank you for your interest in Crazy Rebels®
    Ready Made© collars. This collection is currently sold out,
    but don't worry, we offer new collections every so often.

    What are Ready Made© Collars?

    Several times a month we offer a small collection of
    8 to 30 collars that are already made, so they are ready to ship.
    No waiting for production, no customizations.
    Just ready for you to enjoy right away.
    There is one of each collar available in a set size, design and colors.
    Once a collar is purchased, it will say "sold out".

    Tips for shopping Ready Made© Collections:

    Each sale has a specified start time.
    For the best selection of collars,
    we recommend shopping right when the sale starts.
    All times are always stated in PST (Pacific standard time).
    Putting a collar in your cart does not reserve it.
    You must checkout entirely to complete your order.

    We passcode protect the collection until the start of the sale
    so everyone has a fair shopping experience.
    You will not need a passcode to shop, the passcode automatically
    disappears at the specified start time.

    If you clear your browser/ history prior to the sale
    it should make our site load faster.
    Logging in to your account and/or
    PayPal account makes checkout quicker.

    Thank you so much for your interest in CR collars!

    Sorry, there are no products in this collection