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Pet Fooled: Why What You’re Feeding Your Pet Could Be Killing Them

As pet parents we are constantly trying to do what we believe to be the very best for our pets. We buy them the softest beds, the funnest looking toys, the prettiest collars, we take them to the dog beach, to the dog park, to doggy day care and on play dates with other dogs.  And when  it comest to meal time, we feed them what we think is the very best food and treats. We try our best, but sometimes we still fall short. And sometimes we feed them pet proclaimed products that are absolutely terrible quality without even knowing. This has nothing to do with being a bad pet parent, and has everything to do with the pet food industry promoting misleading slogans and beautifully packaged products that simply house the subpar food and treats they are selling. Over the course of time, we as a society nutritionally abuse our pets and cause overall health decline by not feeding a biologically appropriate diet and we have no idea we are doing this.

If you have a free night we highly recommending making it a point to watch the Netflix documentary PET FOOleD.

If you don’t have time to give it a watch we’ve summarized the wealth of information it contains for you. In short, most all pet food is not species appropriate for our cats and dogs and over time causes many ailments that would not come about if they were fed more wholesome meals of raw meat. Dogs and cats are carnivores, they require and thrive from eating meat. 

But why does my vet tell me not to feed my pet raw food? For the most part, Veterinarians are not educated in the realm of pet nutrition. They receive minimal classes pertaining to pet nutrition and this education has primarily been hijacked (i.e. funded) by huge pet food corporations so the information is not biological but rather skewed so that vets actually believe kibble is better for a dog than raw. It’s not. 

In 2016 pet parents spent an estimated $23 billion on pet food in the United States alone.  Pet food companies are a huge industry. One of the scariest parts about this is that big corporations like Mars, Nestle, and P & G manufacture dozens of separate brands under their company’s umbrella. When you’re deciding between dog food brands, there’s a good chance that the two “brands” you’re comparing are really the same main company.

But what is really inside the bag? Is what’s inside a bag as healthy as the shiny outside label would like you to believe? 

Beneful brand kibble by Purina has won many packaging awards for their stunning packaging.  They consciously mislead the consumer with their blatant tag line  “playful life”, yet the first four ingredients in Beneful are ground yellow corn, chicken by-product meal, corn gluten meal (which is highly allergenic),  and whole wheat flour. Nothing about nutritionally lacking fillers says “playful life”.

The pet food industry survived about 100 years with no incident and no questioning from the public. In 2007 dogs started dying. This high rate of incident was linked to dog food and it was discovered that the super toxic substance melamine, which is used in fertilizer and plastics, was present in dog food. This is the first time people started to realize how grossly unregulated the pet food industry really is. Unlike food for human consumption there are few standards or regulations on what goes into pet food. There is no regulation on the grade of meat that can be added to pet food and no accountably or documentation on where this meat is sourced, meaning it can come from anywhere and be in any state of death or decay. The pet food industry is a self regulated industry that sets their own requirements, which means no one is accountable and no one is ensuring the safety of our pets.  Integrative veterinarian Karen Becker who feeds and recommends raw feeding reveals, “There’s a problem in the pet food industry but most pet owners don’t know there are significant issues.”

So why is nothing being done about it? Why aren’t pet food companies more concerned with making better food? Pet food companies are already making billions of dollars a year so there is no reason for them to spend the time and money to do the research to better their food. Profits, not your pet, are their main goal and our pets are suffering because of this.

Dogs evolved from wolves, so although they have been domesticated on the outside they still share 99% of the same DNA as their wild ancestors. They are still carnivores and require such nutrition. Dogs and cats are equipped to process whole living protein, their teeth and highly acidic stomach acid provides the perfect environment needed to process pathogens potentially present in raw meat. 

A huge problem with feeding dry food is that it is completely devoid of moisture which puts your pet in a constant state of dehydration. Raw fed pets actually drink very little water because they are hydrated from the inside out. An expensive kibble is still kibble, it ultimately is not going to provide the maximum nutrition for your pet that raw feeding will.

Life is already short for our furry best friends, and providing them with a poor diet can make this unnecessarily shorter. As pet guardians it is our responsibility to feed the very best species appropriate diet we can afford. It is our job to educate ourselves to select the best foods for our pets.

Movie Monday: Turner and Hooch

Mondays are best ended by piling on the conch and watching movies together. So for this Movie Monday we got all cuddled up with a big bowl of dog treats and settled in to watch the classic movie that made Dogue de Bordeaux's so famous, Turner and Hooch. Our pack generally falls asleep before the opening credits roll, unless there are dogs on screen… then suddenly they are at full attention. Do your dog's watch TV?

Movie MondayTurner and Hooch

Genre: Family Comedy

Year released: 1989

Breeds in movie: Dogue de Bordeaux, Collie

ReviewThis movie is a classic comedy-drama through and through. To watch the relationship develop between Tom Hank's character, Turner, and the incredible slobbery, yet oh-so-lovable Hooch is sentimental to any dog lover. The premise of the movie begins when local junk yard owner Amos is murdered, leaving behind only one eye witness, his dog Hooch. Turner is the OCD detective who takes on the case, and subsequently brings home Hooch to help him solve the murder. Hooch promptly destroys every square inch of Turner's meticulously kept home and car, but also leads him to love. The fun is in watching what turmoil Hooch will cause next and also the bond that grows between dog and human.

Paw rating4 paws up 


Movie Monday: Beyond The Myth


Movie Monday: Beyond The Myth: A Film About Pit Bulls and Breed Discrimination

Genre: Documentary

Year released: 2010

Breeds in movie: Lovable, Huggable,Pit bulls

Notes: Beyond The Myth is more than just a documentary, it is an eye opening, information packed depiction of the cruel reality of Breed Specific Legislation specifically as it affects Pit Bull breeds. We are avid supporters of ending BSL nationwide, but this movie enlightened us to even more facts of actual discrimination taking place right now and the horrible situations that BSL causes.

Breed Specific laws are very real and actively enforced in several cities in the USA. In Denver, Colorado Pit Bulls are often ripped from their family homes, impounded, and put to death. Not because of anything they have done, but because of a generalization that is all too terrible and misunderstood. Basically based soley on the way they look, not who they are as individual beings. Beyond The Myth brings to light the ways in which BSL affects real people and their pets. We recommend this dog-umentary as an informational tool and a must watch for all dog lovers.

Paw rating: 4 paws up 


Have you seen this movie? What did you think?

Movie Monday: Double Feature

Who doesn’t love Beethoven, that lovable dog from the 90’s that made St. Bernard dogs so famous?! Beethoven is no stranger to the big screen with more than six movies to his name, so we decided to make it a double feature night and watch the first two.

Movie Monday: Beethoven and Beethoven’s 2nd

Genre: Family

Year released: 1992, 1993

Breeds in movie: St. Bernard, Terrier, and Dobermans make an appearance

Notes: Beethoven is a classic dog movie. The first Beethoven follows the life of a St. Bernard puppy that wanders into the Newton family home after escaping a dog napping. The three Newton children fall instantly in love with him, and despite the father’s protests they get to keep the puppy who they name Beethoven. Beethoven’s vet wants to use him for an experiment so he tries to talk the family into thinking their dog vicious, psshh, yeah right. Action ensues.

We highly recommend watching the sequel too, as it is just as sweetly entertaining. This time Beethoven finds himself a girlfriend named Missy and they have puppies! Little St. Bernard puppies! The Newton kids sneak all of the puppies into their basement and attempt to care for them in secret. These movies capture the loyalty of a family dog, which is just so endearing to watch.

Paw rating: 4 paws up 



Movie Mondays: Fluke


Movie Monday: Fluke

Genre: Family

Year released: 1995

Breeds in movie: Golden Retriever and St. Bernard

Notes: Fluke is essentially a film about reincarnation, specifically as people who die come back as dogs or animals. In this family film Thomas Johnson, a workaholic big shot, dies in a car crash and comes back as a Golden Retriever puppy who comes to be called Fluke. A St. Bernard named Rumbo shows Fluke the ways of the world as a stray dog. Fluke eventually realizes who he is and makes his way back to his wife and son, who he befriends as their dog. The final twist at the end of the movie makes this a worthwhile watch. Because of the family nature of the movie it is a little cheesy, but overall a good story line.

Paw rating: 3 paws up