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 Name: Logan

Logan's Story:  Handsome Logan is the unfortunate victim of divorce. He was raised since puppyhood by a couple, who after getting divorced could no longer care for him. He was left with an elderly couple who cared for him, but not much else. He was essentially an outdoor dog being overfed, with no real exercise, interaction or fun. Lucky for him, Cool Dog Training offered to take him in and help re-home him. He is currently in foster care with the awesome trainer at Cool Dog Training, who has brushed up his obedience skills and made sure to shower him with love and exercise to get him back down to his target weight.

Breed: Doberman Pinscher

Health and Stats: Logan is a 5 year old pure bred Doberman Pinscher male. He just celebrated his birthday on October 11 (DOB 10/11/11). He is neutered, up to date on shots, and other than being a little overweight he is in great health. He currently weighs about 103 pounds but should be more in the 90 to 95 pound range.

Temperament: Logan is a straight love bug! This boy loves his people and loves to be loved! He has the sweetest temperament and is content to just chill. He does well with other dogs and people of all kinds. He loves kids and would make an excellent family dog! This dog is pure love.

Training & Daily Life: He is house trained and knows his cues, including: sit, down, wait/stay, place, come, and off. He is crate trained. He gets a B+ for leash walking. He would rather be with his human, so he stays in pretty close proximity. He does well in the car and house and would easily incorporate into a new home as he is very easy going. Unlike many rescue dogs who require a lot of work, Logan is ready to go. He really is a great dog!

Logan is available for adoption through Cool Dog Training in Southern California. There is a possibility for long distance adoption but the family or individual will need to come meet him with any of their pets. If you are interested in adopting Logan or have nay questions, please email Lynne directly at



This handsome guy has a special rescue story. An amazing human named Christine saw his picture up for adoption at the Downey Animal Care Center and was immediately on her way to save the day. You might recognize her as @chilberg on Instagram, mom to an awesome rescue pup named Puka. What you might also notice is that Puka and their new foster, Sir Clefton both have the cutest cleft lip and if you didn't know their story, you might think they were brother and sister. 

So after fostering him for several weeks, it's time to find him a forever home of his own. Here's what his foster mom has to say about him:

Have you met Sir Clefton? He is currently available for adoption in Los Angeles! Clefton is a great dog in search of his forever family. He is very well-mannered, easy going, and super friendly. If you would like more information about Clefton, please contact his foster mom, Christine:

More fun fact about Sir Clefton, Duke of Downey:

- Pulled from the kill shelter on June 21, 2016

- Mixed breed 

- 5 years old

- 55 lbs

- Neutered

- Microchipped

- Born with a cleft lip, doesn’t cause any health problems

- Very quiet, rarely barks

- Walks great on-leash

- Dog friendly

- People friendly, kid friendly

- Perfect hiking and running companion

- Well-mannered, easy going

- Even tempered

- Kennel trained

- Quiet and calm in the car

- Not afraid of loud noises (i.e. vacuum, fireworks, skateboards)

- Loves belly rubs and cuddling on the couch

- Good in the bath and with groomer (he loves getting his teeth brushed!)

So as you can see, he's pretty much the perfect dog! If you are interested in adopting Clefton please email Christine at

To see more of this rad dude, visit his foster Instagram at @chilberg and check out some of Clefton’s hashtags: #SirClefton #DukeOfDowney #AdoptClef

Foster Dog Diaries: Scarlett's Story, Week 4

We've had this sweet girl for a full month now and she has made such incredible progress in just four short weeks. Her wounds have completely healed and her coat has even started to grow back. She has been steadily putting on weight and is finally ready for her spay.

She continues to impress us with how wonderful of a dog she is. Her temperament is laid back and easy going, and she loves people and dogs alike. She walks perfectly on a loose leash and is very well behaved in public. At restaurants she'll lay by your feet while you eat and she has never barked at another dog or person since we've had her. In fact, she rarely barks at all. She does however snort like a Frenchie by day and snores in her sleep like a little old man by night.

After her recovery from her spay she'll be ready for her forever home. And with a line-up of pending adopters waiting to take her home, it's pretty safe to say this little missy has a lifetime of love ahead of her! She thanks you for your love and support!

To read Scarlett's story week one, click here.


Foster Dog Diaries: Scarlett’s Story

When we saw this girl’s picture in our inbox we knew without a doubt we couldn’t say no. We are part of a foster program that helps rehabilitate dogs that come into the shelter but need an extra bit of love and care before they find their forever family. We want to introduce the newest rebel resident:

 This sweet face is Scarlett. She came in nameless but we thought Scarlett perfectly suited her gorgeous red fawn coat and of course her numerous scars.


While the story behind each rescue dog is always a little uncertain, one look at this skinny girl lets you know she has not been properly cared for in quite a while. She was actually an owner turn in, anonymously abandoned in the night drop along with two other dogs. The two other dogs in her home had attacked her and so the owner who had apparently had enough, decided simply to get rid of them all. We think it turned out for the better anyway because aside from the terrible neglect it is rather evident that this beautiful girl had also not been properly nourished in quite some time either.

 From the moment we picked her up, that little nub hasn’t stopped wagging.

 Breed: Boxer

Health and Stats: Scarlett is estimated to be about 3 years old. She only weighs about 41 pounds but we are working on that. Beyond her wounds and scars, she is otherwise healthy. She is up to date on all of her shots and will be spayed as soon as she is at a good weight.

Temperament: This girl appears to be the perfect dog, we cannot even imagine why someone would give her up… but that’s completely their loss. She is sweet and socialized with both people and dogs. Although she has been attacked by several dogs, she shows no aggression or fear and gets along well with dogs both large and small. She is very quiet so far, not a barker by any means. She loves to be loved! She will sit with her head in your lap for as long as you let her and will insist on being pet.

Training & Daily Life: She knows basic commands like ‘sit’ and ‘wait’ and walks very well on a leash. She is house and crate trained and rides well in the car too.

Scarlett will be available for adoption within Southern California through Animal Friends of the Valleys. While she’s not currently up for adoption until she is a little healthier and spayed, you can fill out an application to reserve her if you are interested. Please feel free to shoot us an email at with any interest or questions you might have about this special girl.


Dixie's Forever Home

Dixie was by far our fastest foster to find a home yet. We only got to enjoy her for six short days before she was adopted by an awesome family. They first spotted her at an adoption event on Saturday and followed up the following Monday with an official meet and greet.

They instantly fell in love with Dixie's sweet disposition and laid back attitude. She doesn't bark, she just observes. The perfect word to describe this sweet dog is content, she is the epitome of quiet contentment. While she was with us, for the most part she was quite happy to nap all day on her bed. 

Lucky for her, her lovable demeanor is easy to spot and Erica and Dylan knew from the moment they met her, that Dixie would fit just perfectly with their family.

Good bye Dixie, have the happiest life!