Online ordering for custom leather collars is temporarily closed, all custom orders are done via email.

We love crafting collars for our customers and are making them as quickly as possible to get as many people collars as fast as is humanly achievable. 

There are currently several ways to order collars:

1. Waterproof Kyon Collection: All of our Kyon basics are available to custom order at any time and have a two week or less production time frame. All of these collars are crafted on our waterproof Kyon base, and are customizable in size, color and hardware. 

2. Ready Made Collection: We offer Ready Made Collections several times a month which feature Ready To Ship collars in specific sizes and styles. There is only one of each collar available and they usually sell out pretty quickly so we recommend shopping these collections right when they launch for the best selection. We always announce them on our social media in advance of the launch as well as the week leading up to the sale so you can set your alarm. If the collection is password protected it means it is sold out.

  • Our Ready Made Collections are offered (almost) every Friday at 6 pm pst. We sometimes change the time and occasionally offer additional ready made collections on different days. 
  • The collection is password protected until the start time. At that time the password will disappear and all the collars will be available to purchase.
  • These are limited collections that feature anywhere from 4 to 30 collars.There is just one of each collar available and they are listed by size, if you see something you like we recommend adding it to your cart and checking out right away. Putting a collar in your cart does not reserve it, you must checkout completely to score a collar. Any collar we advertise before the drop and specify it will be in the collection, will be available. Sometimes we do lots of sneak peeks and sometimes we only do one or two.
    • Some tips for shopping a ready made: 
      • Make sure to shop right at the start time. These collections tend to sell out in the first 1-10 minutes so refreshing the page a minute before right until it starts is a good idea.
      • Refresh your browser right before for faster website loading.
      • If you’re paying with PayPal make sure you are logged into your PayPal account prior to, and make sure all your information is correct. 
      • If you have a Crazy Rebels account make sure you’re logged in. If not you can make one on our website. 
      • If you want more than one collar, we recommend adding one at a time to your cart and checking out to guarantee you get at least your first choice, then go back for your second, etc. 

3. Limited Release Collars: From time to time we offer Limited Release collars. We take a limited number of orders to keep production fairly short and then we take the collar down. 

4. Custom Leather and Kyon Collars: For custom collars please email us at Our collars are priced by size and style, so if you send us a picture of the collar(s) you are interested in and your dogs neck measurement in inches we can give you an accurate quote right away. Our current production is about 6-8 months per collar. Carved Rebel Collars take about a year.

Sorry, there are no products in this collection