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    Online ordering for custom leather collars is temporarily closed.

    Over the past few months we have slimmed down our collar offering to try to streamline production, but you guys are just too awesome and we still can’t keep up. We have come to the difficult decision to temporarily take down all custom collars while we work hard to get caught up on existing orders. For the next several months or so, we will be offering collars exclusively through Ready Made Collections. So the only way to order a collar, will be ones that are ready to ship.  We are doing this while we chip away at existing orders so that you can still continue to have the option to grab collars.

    We are beyond thankful for the overwhelming amount of demand you show us. We are working on several huge projects to get you products lightning fast, whenever you want them. We’ll be revealing these projects over the next several months as they are closer to completion and launch time.

    In the meantime, we will still offer plenty of ready to ship products through our website including hoodies, bandanas, human apparel, and branded gear. We will still be available to answer your emails, messages, and inquiries whenever you need us. The only thing changing is that temporarily you can no longer order custom collars, either Kyon or Leather, through our website.

    Quick answers to some common questions:

    1. How long is your current production time? That is a great question. We do our best to estimate production times when you place your order, these do sometimes change due to events out of our control (cough cough, COVID 19), life events, personal health issues, etc. With that being said, anything ordered through our website (including Kyon basics) will ship in two weeks or less. Custom waterproof Kyon production is currently about 6 - 8 months, leather production is about 12 - 14 months. This does vary, but that is a pretty close guesstimate.
    2. How can I get on the waitlist? Just shoot us an email at, subject line WAITLIST.
    3. Why do your collars take so long to make? We are a small company. Due to COVID we are down to just two employees, with one of them being our collar maker. One person hand crafts each and every collar we put out. He makes, and we ship, hundreds of collars each month but it is just not enough to keep up with demand. We are working hard on ways to offer you the same high quality products, but with an instant ship turn around. Right now the best way we can do that is through Ready Made Collections.
    4. Do Ready Mades affect normal production? No, not at all. We work crazy long hours. Sometimes up to 19 hours a day, 7 days a week. During the holidays we literally get to work at 5 am and leave at midnight. Ready Made collars come about through several situations: 1). Over time we accumulate size exchanged collars and sample collars used to show a color or design that haven’t been worn. 2). In what would be deemed our own personal time, we create special collections for you.
    5. What is a Ready Made Collection? Ready Made Collections are small curated collections of collars that are pre-made so they are ready to ship at the time of purchase. We offer these collections several times a month on a specified date and time. At the time of the sale, the collars will go live on our website. There is one of each collar available, so once it has been purchased it will say "SOLD OUT". For the best selection we recommend shopping right at the time the sale starts. 


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