Sometimes bad things happen to good collars. Trust us, we’ve been there! Our rough and rowdy Dobermans product test the heck out of our collars. So while it’s a sad day when a rivet pops or a pyramid comes lose, we get it. We’ve seen it happen. No collar is 100% indestructible which is why we back all of our leather collars with the rebel guarantee. Over the course of use if your collar does find itself missing a piece of its design, no need to worry, we will repair most minor repairs for free.

 Our lifetime guarantee covers hardware malfunction including rivets, d-rings, and buckles as well as some ornamental design such as stones, emblems, pyramids, and strap-keepers. Our free repair guarantee does not include normal wear and tear or excessive wear and tear of a collar caused by abrasive surfaces such as concrete, exposure to water, excessive pulling, misuse of the collar, or negligence in care of your collar. Each collar will be individually assessed and provided a quote for repair should the collar need replacing of a majority of the hardware, etc. There is a limited warrantee on any sewn or padded collars simply because of the construction of the collar. If you have a problem with a collar that has been sewn and/or padded we are happy to take a look to see what we can do but we cannot guarantee them. 

*Please note, altering your collar or attempting to take it apart/ fix it yourself/ etc does void our warrantee. Please contact us and allow us to fix any issues.

Are your collars waterproof? Leather is naturally water resistant so the short answer would be yes, your dog can swim in our collars. With that being said saltwater and chlorinated water is hard on leather and very abrasive to even the toughest metals, so we recommend cleaning, conditioning, and letting your collar dry between swims. We offer a line of 100% vegan collars which are in fact waterproof and suggested for swimming and heavier use activities, but still requires care and cleaning to keep in tip top condition. Specialty leathers, colored leather, and specialty coated crystals are not recommended for use in water. Specialty coated crystals can lose their color when exposed to water so it is not recommended to swim in collars adorned with these.

What’s the best collar for my dog? Aside from style, some designs are better suited for extra heavy play and some need a little more care. If your dog is primarily outside running your property every day, then we might suggest a more low profile collar like the Stealth that doesn’t have a lot of hardware that can catch on brush and branches. If your dog loves to sleep inside all day then a more adorned and fancy collar might be right up their alley.

How tough are your jeweled collars? Our jeweled collars are made as tough as possible, but the jewels can come out if another dog’s teeth, paws, or nails should pull or catch them. Like wise, if your dog is constantly rubbing their collar against an abrasive surface such as concrete, this can damage the stones as well. We assure you the jewels will not just "fall out" on their own. Like your nicest pair of shoes, a jeweled collar requires a little more care and careful handling than some of our other collars.

Crystal Care: We use genuine crystals on many of our collars, which offers you brilliant bling.  These crystals are actual crystal so they require some careful handling. They can scratch or even shatter if they come into contact with abrasive surfaces. Water can also alter and/or damage certain crystal finishes. You are welcome to use your crystal collar as hard or as gentle as you like, but to keep your crystals looking gorgeous we suggest supervised wear for outings and leash walking more so than heavy play or use as an everyday collar.

Natural leather versus colored leather: Our natural colored leather and our colored leather are dyed using different methods, so while both are processed in the USA and 100% human and pet safe, they do age differently. Our designer colored leather is the same high quality premium leather as our natural colored leather, it just has a different finish to help protect the vibrant color. All of our colored leather collars are lined with another layer of leather to prevent any color bleed.

Specialty leather: We offer tons of specialty leather including distress leather, suede, mermaid scales, and more. These materials are more delicate that our standard leather and are more for decorative use than hardy, everyday collars. For this reason we do not recommend getting these leathers wet, muddy, or other super dirty activities as they are harder to clean and may not hold up through numerous cleanings.

Collar usage: Our collars are intended to be used for decorative wear and of course with a leash for every day activities. Our collars are not intended to be used with a tie-out or with dogs that pull excessively. Using your collar with a tie-out voids any warranty on the collar.

Collar care: Like a nice pair of shoes or fine jewelry, your collar will look its best if you give it a little care. After use in the water we suggest removing the collar, cleaning and drying it completely before putting it back on your dog. If your collar gets dirty, cleaning it right away and drying completely will help keep it in tip top shape as well. If you have any questions about collar care for your specific collar we are here to help.

If you have any questions before or after purchasing a Crazy Rebels collar we are more than happy to answer your inquires. While these are general guidelines, we know every situation is different so please feel free to reach out to us with any issues you may have and we will help find a solution to the best of our abilities. We are here to make you and your dog happy, let us know what we can do!