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We Care!

We care. We care a whole lot, which is why we have partnered with the National Canine Cancer Foundation to spread hope and raise funds to fight cancer in dogs. The National Canine Cancer Foundation is on an all out mission to eliminate cancer as a major health issue in dogs. By dedicating their contributions to directly funding cancer research they are working to save dogs lives by finding cures, better treatments and accurate, cost effective diagnostic methods in dealing with canine Cancer, and diminishing dogs suffering from cancer through research, education, advocacy, and service. 

Their accurately named “We Are The Cure campaign” is intended to rally every person who loves dogs to help turn research into treatments and cures that can soon benefit all dogs fighting for their lives because of Cancer. 

One of the things we love most about dogs is how big their hearts are. No matter what they are always ready to love, so we’d like to try to give as much of that back to them as possible by donating to this incredible cause. In honor of Pet Cancer Awareness Month we are donating a portion of sales from our Strength collar and Cancer inspired charms for the entire month of May, directly to the National Canine Cancer Foundation.



Want to contribute to the cure? Here are some ways you can do just that:

 Buy any one of our cancer charms: Fuck Cancer, Cancer Survivor, Cancer Sucks, or Down with Cancer and we'll donate 50% of the proceeds from your order.

 Buy a Strength collar in any color you like and we’ll donate 50% of the proceeds from every collar sold. 

Donate directly to the mission that speaks most to you:
-A general donation of love.
-A memorial donation.
-Honor a special occasion with a donation.
-Honor a friend or veterinarian.

BONUS way to get involved: If you are lucky enough to live near Lake Worth, Florida you can head out to the Bark and Bowl fundraiser on Friday, May 16. All the details right here.

And if you don't want to donate or buy anything but still want to help, you can always simply share the word. Let people know we're giving back! Share on Facebook for a simple way to spread the love.

Together we are the cure!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month & The Strength Collar

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. And while breast cancer doesn't necessary have anything directly to do with dogs, cancer in general affects or has affected just about everyone you will every meet. This year has been wonderful, but also really personally painful for our family. We have lost both people and pets very close to our hearts, just as we have known many people who have also lost loved ones in 2013.

Crazy Rebels is a dog company with a deeply caring and compassionate foundation of real people behind it. If we have learned anything from dogs it is that a little love can go a long way. So this month we honor and recognize those fighting, remembering, celebrating, laughing, loving, crying, and just being. Together we want to celebrate life, and mourn loss. 

The all new Strength Collar was crafted as just that, a symbol of strength. This collar is your dog's quiet badge of courage to wear with pride for whatever you, or they, may be going through. Check out the Strength Collar and the Strength Sticker!

The beautiful woman (in the picture below) is a mother, a daughter, a sister, a grandmother, a first grade school teacher, a friend, and a fighter. And because of some pretty amazing specialists, she is also a survivor. She fought and beat breast cancer, and is all the more stronger because of it. She is a hero to many, and loved by everyone who knows her. She is our mom.  And we are merely thankful, for her life. Here's to Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Take a moment to hug those you love. 


Misunderstood: Educating to End BSL

Announcing the 2013 limited edition Pitbull Awareness print and sticker: Misunderstood by Crazy Rebels.

From ignorance hate grows. People fear what they do not know or do not understand, and by this same reasoning we as humans have failed the beloved Pitbull breed. 

October is Pitbull Awareness Month, so we are doing our part to help spread knowledge to rebrand the Pitbull. Pitbull refers to the outward appearance and the physical characteristics of a specific breed, not the personality or overall demeanor of the dog. Yet Breed Specific Legislation states that these dogs can be banned, persecuted, confiscated, and even put-down simply because of their breed. This month in specific we seek to inform people that Pitbulls are misunderstood, not misbehaving. 

Together we can share the message and help to End BSL. The only way to create change, is to do something to cause it. So let's come together and educate that Pitbulls are dogs with big hearts just like every other furry four-legged friend. Support the cause, spread the word.

Deaf Dog Awareness Week

This week is Deaf Dog Awareness Week, with the intention of publicizing the fact that even though a dog may not be able to hear they still make amazing family pets. During the last week of September each year Petfinder highlights deaf pets looking for their forever homes.

“Their deafness in no way reduces their potential to bring joy to your life and become a loving companion for your family.” Petfinder assures.

We had the privilege to meet and work with the sweetest deaf Pit Bull Heeler mix puppy named Sadie. She was rescued from a local shelter and has since acclimated well to her world without sound. Her owner told us about training her with hand signals instead of sound, and teaching her to use her nose instead of her ears. In photographing sweet Sadie we held a treat close to her nose to get and hold her attention while giving her visual cues for what we wanted her to do. She may not be able to hear with her ears, but she most definitely hears with her heart.

While deaf dogs require a little extra attention and careful supervision, they are just as ready to love and be loved as any other dog. Deaf dogs use their other heightened senses to compensate for the inability to hear and most lead exceedingly normal lives.

We honor the awesome loving heroes who give deaf dogs a forever home, and to all those working to educate about adopting special needs canines! 

{Sadie is wearing a Rebel Hoodie and the Allure Collar with a Chain Gang leash.}

The Importance of Pet CPR

We do our very best to be responsible dog parents. But sometimes things happen that even the most well prepared owners aren’t ready for. With that being said, our Doberman Diesel almost didn’t live to see his first birthday.

 Two days before he was to turn one year old, Diesel stopped breathing. We struggle just to write this, to retell his story, but we feel compelled to share what happened if only to save another dog’s life. So in sharing the hidden dangers of seemingly innocent collars we hope we can educate dog owners to be pro-active and prevent a potentially deadly outcome for their dogs.

Diesel's Story 

On a warm evening in March a horrific turn of events left our baby boy lifeless on the back lawn. It was just before sunset as Diesel and his sister Dakoda played outside waiting for their dinner as they do every night. They are usually collarless when at home, but for some reason on this particular evening they both had collars on.
We were in the kitchen when all of the sudden we heard the most horrendous sound of screeching dogs. Our first thought was, dog fight?! Our two beloved dogs were at each other’s throats, or so it seemed. Our dogs have grown up together and have never been in any fights with any dogs, let alone with each other so there we stood terrified and confused. Without even thinking we immediately braced each dog by the head as we frantically attempted to figure out what was going on and pull the two apart.
What seemed like an eternity was most likely under a minute. But what we came to understand in that minute was that our dogs were badly tangled so tightly that one was killing the other. Dakoda had Diesel’s collar twisted around her bottom jaw and hooked in her teeth so there was no way of pulling it off. As she screamed in pain, we realized our precious baby boy was being strangled by his own collar. Both dogs were thrashing about in such a panic that our struggle was to hold them steady so as to prevent the inevitable.
It was then that Diesel went limp. The horror we felt as we watched the life drain from his eyes is unbearable to even recount. But had it not been for this, we might not have been able to save him. As soon as he stopped moving we were able to physically roll him over several times to unhook Dakoda’s jaw. Thinking quickly Jesse began to give Diesel CPR. Breathing his hardest into Diesel’s mouth and pumping his heart. The twilight of sunset seemed to freeze time, as Diesel lay on the lawn, lifeless, not breathing. This could not be happening.
All at once he sputtered and coughed as his chest started to rise again and air flowed into his lungs. He lay there in Jesse’s arms as we grasped what had just unfolded. Diesel had died, only to be saved by his forever hero.


The outcome could have been tragic, we thank the heavens for Diesel’s life and for the saving grace of quick thinking and pet CPR. We want to raise awareness about the potential dangers of collars. We would never have thought this could happen, but now that it has we want to pass on our story.

-Dogs should always be supervised when wearing collars.
-If supervision is not available they should be in breakaway collars in case they become hung up while no one is around.
-Collars should be worn snug to the neck.

We have also teamed up with our local dog trainer to host a Pet CPR Workshop on November 12. If you are in the Temecula Valley area you are cordially invited to attend this special night to learn life saving techniques for pets, please join us!

Pet CPR & First Aid Workshop

Date: Tuesday, November 12, 2013
Time: 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.
Cost: $60
To register: Contact Lynne at Cool Dog Training by email or call (951) 676-9622.

You will learn:

• Actions to take in an emergency.
• Finding out what is wrong and making assessments.
• How to care for bleeding wounds and burns.
• How to care for shock.
• Care for head and spine injuries.
• Muscle, bone and joint injuries.
• Care for heart attack and stroke.
• Care for poisoning.
• Heat and cold emergencies.
• Rescuing and moving victims.