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Pet Memorial Day

Dogs make our lives whole. When they leave our earthly presence a part of our heart goes missing as well. Each pet holds a special place in our memory that can never be replaced or forgotten. National Pet Memorial Day seeks to honor dogs and pets both past and present and the irreplaceable impression they leave on our lives.
Our dogs teach us time and time again the value of unconditional love and the true meaning of living in the moment and living life to the fullest. We are better because of them, and it always hurts to lose one. The International Association of Pet Cemeteries and Crematories (IAPC) started national Pet Memorial Day over 40 years ago as a day of recognition of the important role that our beloved pets play in our lives. 
Because our custom portraits are drawn with so much love and care, a portrait is the perfect way to tenderly remember a dearly loved pet. In honor of National Pet Memorial Day, all of our professionally hand drawn portraits are $25 off for today only. Any size, any number of dogs… they are all on sale! Each portrait ordered today will also receive a custom remembrance charm for you to wear or hang on your keychain.  
Dogs leave paw prints on our hearts and we are never ever the same.

Happy 1st Birthday Diesel!


It is hard to believe that our once 8-pound puppy is somehow already one year old! 

Over the past year he has gained a whopping 70 pounds coming in at a massive 78 pound one-year weigh in. He has grown from the most adorable rollie pollie puppy into a handsome dog right before our eyes.  His clumsy puppy trot has been replaced by a long graceful stride, and he has gone from jumping through hula-hoops to clearing fences with ease.

 He received his AKC STAR Puppy certificate at 5 months old, completed Cool Dog 1: Puppy Kindergarten, Cool Dog II: Beginning Good Manners, Cool Dog III: Mastering Good Manners, and Cool Dog IV: Mastering Good Manners with Distractions. He has learned sit, lay, wait, stay, come, speak, and high five and can pretty much charm a treat out of anyone. 

We are so very thankful for every moment of this precious boy’s life. He has brought us so much joy and love and makes us laugh on a daily basis. He is the epitome of happiness and we adore that about him. Since the first day we brought him home at 8-weeks old, we have only fallen more deeply in love with this dog. We cannot imagine a single day without you Diesel. We will love you forever. 

Happy birthday buddy!

Lucky You, New Bandana Prints & Free Stickers!

We tend to love holidays a lot around rebel headquarters. The themed decor combined with an overage of seasonal candy (and dog treats) makes for a fun and festive month. Now that Cupid's holiday is over we are already looking forward to that little green leprechaun. Next up we celebrate St. Patrick's Day, and we are doing so with new Rebel Bandana Collar prints and free goodies...lucky you!

Because we're so lucky to have friends like you, we want to send you FREE rebel stickers! So for every Lucky Dog and Shamrock Luck print Rebel Bandana Collar ordered now through March 17th, you'll also receive a totally free totally awesome rebel logo all-weather sticker.

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