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Giveaway: Nail Care For Your Dog

Giveaway: Nail Care For Your Dog

Contest closed! Congrats to the winner Marc Howard.

We’re kicking off the new year on the right foot, quite literally. ;) Whether you have one or ten dogs in your pack, remembering weekly nail maintenance can feel overwhelming. So we’re instituting Toe Trim Tuesday as a fun reminder to trim those toesies on a weekly basis. A while back we instituted this Tuesday ritual for our own pack as a way to keep ourselves accountable and make sure everyone’s nails are always at a good length.  Our mission is to inspire a routine in your household so that nail care is never an issue again.

Why trim the nails?

Because the average house dog doesn’t wear down their nails enough naturally, it is important that we do it for them. Long nails can cause many problems for dogs and can be very painful. Untrimmed nails are more likely to get caught and tear. Ouch!! Shorter nails are much more comfortable for your dog.

Nail Care options


Pros: In our experience the safest and most effective way to trim a dogs nails is by filing them with a Dremel instead of clipping with clippers. You have more control and there is a much smaller risk of hitting the quick. 

Cons: This process is more time consuming and takes some investment in equipment.


Pros: Clippers are quick and efficient and do not cost a lot. 

Cons: You can more easily cut the quick if you are not experienced.


Pros: You don’t have to deal with the actual maintenance and groomers are experienced and proficient at nail care. They generally offer both clipper and Dremel options.

Cons: This can get expensive if you are going every week, and then there is the inconvenience of taking your dog to the groomer more often.


Pros: If your dog is difficult to wrangle some people find a vet the best option for getting the nails down. You can rest assured your dog is in safe, competent hands.

Cons: This option isn’t really feasible on a weekly basis and can be pretty costly, unless you are already at the vet for an appointment.

Toe Trim Tuesday Giveaway 

Because we love the Dremel so much, seriously we have at least four, we’re giving away one brand new Dremel to make your weekly nail care regimen easy peasy. And of course it’ll come with a matching classic Kyon collar and leash.

To enter: 

  1. Like Crazy Rebels on Facebook
  2. Post a picture of your dog(s) on our Facebook page with a New Years resolution you have for you and your dog(s), (i.e. camp at least twice with my dog, walk my dog once a day, teach my dog to drive, venture to the moon with my dog, etc. you get the idea) and hashtag #toetrimtuesday.

Giveaway ends January 31, 2018. Open worldwide.

Get Involved

  • Use the hashtag #toetrimtuesday on Instagram to share your weekly nail care adventures. Show us your dogs nails, we want to see (really, we do)!
  • Post any dog nail care pics to our Facebook page or to your Facebook page and be sure to hashtag #toetrimtuesday.
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Giveaway: All Natural Amazing Treats!

Giveaway: All Natural Amazing Treats!

The rebel pack is 100% raw fed so when it comes to treats, it's pretty much homemade or nothing...until now. Remy's K9 Kitchen is the answer to every dog prayer. Their exclusive line of treats focuses on wholesome, minimal ingredients, all locally sourced and processed right in the USA so you know your dog is getting the very best.

Whether your dog is raw fed or not, commercial treats are laden with fillers, preservatives, dyes, grains and even sodium. Eck. Natural freeze dried treats, however, are the absolute best product on the market for your dog. Freeze drying the ingredients preserving the majority of the nutrition.

We sat down with the owner and dog mom, Lisa McMillan, of Remy'S K9 Kitchen to get some inside info and offer you an incredible giveaway.

What inspired Remy’s Kitchen?

When we adopted Remy, we knew we wanted the best possible nutrition for him. After discovering he had sensitivities to certain ingredients in his food, I started preparing his meals for him. Through trial and error we learned what those sensitivities were. That path led us to starting this company. We wanted to create a line of food and treats with clean, healthy ingredients and no fillers. Food that your pup loves and you feel good about feeding to them.

How did you decide on the featured recipes?

Our Superfood Snack line came about because Remy loved another freeze dried treat that wasn't meat based, but the first ingredient was potato. I thought we can definitely do better than that. Why put a filler in it? Why not have pure nutrition in every bite? Right now, we offer a Blueberry Coconut treat with Greek yogurt, Blueberries, Garbanzo Beans, Kale, Chia seed, Flax meal, and Coconut Oil. Coming soon is a Pumpkin Kale version of that. Freeze dried in their natural state, preserving 98% of their nutrients. Our Just line is just that - meat and organs , freeze dried in their raw natural state. Single sourced protein. No guessing on what else may be in that bag of treats. 

Where do you source your ingredients from?

Our meats are all pasture raised locally to our facility in southern Wisconsin. The ingredients for our Superfood Snacks are also sourced locally and in the surrounding Midwest.

Where are your treats manufactured and packaged?

Our treats are made and packaged in a USDA inspected, state of the art facility in Wisconsin. We work closely with a Holistic Veterinarian who helps us perfect our recipes for our Superfood Snacks and our line of complete meals, which are still in development. She is actively involved in overseeing our production and quality control.

Why should dog owners choose these treats over others?

We are dog owners too! Not some big company tying to convince you through marketing what your dog needs. We truly care, and only want only the best for your pups and ours! Presently, we offer the only Freeze Dried Superfood dog treats that do not contain ANY fillers - no potatoes, grain, or filler of any kind.

What are the benefits of your treats?

Our focus is clean, healthy, biologically appropriate raw food with a single sourced protein for each recipe. Great for dogs with allergies or sensitivities. You know exactly what you are getting in each bag. Our Superfood Snacks offer pure, clean superfoods for your dog in every bite. We are so excited for your pups to try them! Remy and his friends do all the taste testing, so you know you are getting pup approval on everything you try from us!

You can find Remy's K9 Kitchen treats exclusively online on their websiteInstagram and Facebook

To enter to win a years supply of Remy's all natural treats, check out our Instagram right here.

Customer Appreciation Week and a HUGE Giveaway

We have the greatest fans and we are so appreciative of all of your love and support that we've made this week all about you! 

HUGE GIVEAWAY: Through the end of March enter to win a $500 shopping spree to! It's easy to enter on our Facebook page or right here, just let us know your email, LIKE our page, and SHARE the giveaway and you're entered to win big. Winner will be selected at random from all eligible entries.

DAILY CONTESTS: Tune in on Instagram for Daily Giveaways all week long. Simply follow the prompt each day to win super cool prizes, and the winner will announced the following day.

FLASH SALES: Be sure to keep an eye out for daily sales on your favorite items too. All because we love you!

Win Our New Lady Collar & Tag!

Introducing the new Lady Collar and a way to win one! Inspired by the classic Disney dog movie about a dainty Lady and her grungy mutt counterpart, this collar embodies the chicly pampered life of a loved dog ! Boasting beautiful bright teal leather and gleaming brass hardware this collar is for all of the regal ladies. And for a limited time each Lady collar comes complete with a free custom bold brass ID tag with your dog's name on the front and phone number on the back. Dress your little lady in elegant style with this prim and proper set.

Want to win a collar and tag for your pampered pup? Simply head over to Instagram to enter to win! If you can't wait to win one you can get the Lady Collar and tag right here too!!

How to enter:

-Follow @crazyrebels on Instagram

-Repost the picture of Lady and caption it with why your dog is a lady, tag @crazyrebels and hashtag #ladydogcollar

-Contest open worldwide to all breeds and ends Sunday, November 9, 2014 at 11:59 p.m. PST

What you win:

A custom sized Lady collar and custom brass ID tag!

Cutie and the Beast Makes a Burger

Our friends Cutie and the Beast came up with an awesome collaboration alongside Lil' Woody's Burgers and Shakes to promote adopt-a-shelter-dog-month. If you are lucky enough to live near Seattle, Washington then you must go try their new dog approved Cutie and the Beast burger.  This bad boy is piled high with dog friendly ingredients so it's a-OK to share with your fury best friend. Loaded with peanut butter, apples, Swiss cheese, bacon, and 1/4-pound burger patty you may not want to share after all.

 Beginning today, October 21, 2014 through October 27 a portion of proceeds from the exclusive Cutie and the Beast burger will be donated directly to the Motley Zoo Rescue in Redmond, Washington. The Motley Zoo is a wonderful foster-based rescue that houses homeless animals with real families instead of in a shelter facility until they find their forever homes.

We teamed up with some other incredible sponsors to make this week even more fun by giving away some super cool prizes! Whether you're close enough to try the Cutie burger yourself or not, anyone can enter to win a Crazy Rebels collar of your choice!! Simply snap a pic of you and your pup and post it to your Instagram with the hashtag #woodyandthebeast. Full entry details below. So what are you waiting for you?! Shop on over to our collar collection and start picking out your free collar.

Photo Contest! What you'll win:
-A Crazy Rebels collar of your choice!
-All the Best Pet Care gift basket
-A Petbox
-Green Juju Organic Dog Food Supplement
How to enter:
-Follow @lilwoodys & @cutieandthebeast on Instagram (Extra points if you follow the gift pack sponsors too)!
-Post a photo of you and your dog to Instagram and hashtag it with #woodyandthebeast and @lilwoodys @cutieandthebeast
-Contest ends 10/26. Winner announced 10/27.