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    Rebel Blog — give back

    Brunch for the Bullies: A Fun Fundraiser

    We have a soft spot for bulldogs. There is just something about all those wrinkles and that adorably squishy face that we can't resist. We could not have been more excited to start our Sunday at Brunch for the Bullies to benefit the So Cal Bulldog Rescue. This particular event is one of their biggest fundraising initiatives for the year and we feel so honored to have been able to contribute to the cause. Crazy Rebels donated a custom portrait to their silent auction, and we cannot wait to see which lucky bully took home the final bid (because we get to draw him or her!!!). In total the Brunch for the Bullies raised over $18,000 to benefit the bulldogs in rescue, which is just so very incredible!

    SCBDR currently has over 75 dogs in their program which is an all time high, so every bit of generosity really counts. 45 of those bullies are in awesome foster homes and the other 30 are getting love and care at a kenneling facility. Some very special English Bulldogs made an appearance at the brunch where they received the star treatment and attention.

    Such a great turn out So Cal Bulldog Rescue!

    Snoop Dog Diaries


    Our foster boy Snoop dog is doing really well and we are so proud of him. He is filling out nicely and is looking like a healthy dog again! He is gaining weight by the day and has finally reached the point where he is too heavy to lift in to the car (but that’s a good thing).

     This happy-go-lucky guy loves life and really just loves to be loved. Although he’s eager to eat we are starting to work on manners with mister Snoop, so he is learning to “sit” and “wait” before getting the cue to eat. He is so smart and learning quickly.

     Snoop has even begun modeling for Crazy Rebels and helping us product test a new line of custom collars. He’s a natural in front of the camera and oh so photogenic. We just adore his unique white patch and his sleek brown coat, and he doesn’t mind the treats for his modeling efforts.

     Next up, polite leash walking… we’ll keep you posted on his progress.

    Read more about him here and here.

     If you are interested in adopting this awesome boy or have any questions about him, email us at

    Snoop Dog Diaries

    Snoop has made some real progress this week and we are over the moon excited. If you are just tuning in, Snoop is our foster dog (you can read his story here) and he was beyond skinny and shy when he came to us. For the first couple of weeks we had to coax him to eat or even take a treat but now he's eating by himself, and not only eating, but eating with enthusiasm! 

    It is as if he has finally come alive. Maybe he feels like he's home or maybe he's just finally full, but either way he now loves to play. He runs laps around the backyard and chases the ball. He loves tug of war and just about any toy you throw for him. He explores the backyard and sleeps in the shade and does things a happy dog should.

    When Snoop first arrived it was as if he had shut down. He showed no real emotion, no reaction, he remained fairly straight faced no matter the situation. But now, he responds to his name and he comes when he is called. The sight of his collar and leash excites him to no end, and he will gladly sit while you ready him for a walk.

    We have never known a dog to forgo a rawhide bone, especially our dogs, but up until now Snoop pretty much ignored anything we tried to send his way. He now loves his rawhide and carries it with him wherever he goes. He is finally happy, and that makes us happy too.

    Snoop is awesome and available for adoption in the Southern California area. If you are interested in meeting him or have any questions about him, please email us at

    Breed: Doberman, red and tan

    Name: Snoop

    Age: 4 years

    Gender: Male, neutered

    Temperament: Extremely loving, adores cuddling and having his ears scratched. Very friendly, loves people and other dogs. Crate trained and knows basic commands: sit, come, wait.

    Busy Saturday: Wines For Canines & Fido Fashion Show Fundraiser


    Wines for Canines and the Fido Fashion Show are a collaborative event put on by local rescue, Animal Friends of the Valleys to raise money for their shelter. On Saturday the sold out event took place at Wiens Cellars Winery in Temecula and featured a silent auction, to which we donated one of our custom hand drawn portraits to one lucky bidder, raffle prizes, a live auction, food and wine, and of course a dog fashion show. 

    Our foster dog Snoop made his debut in the Fido Fashion Show, where he rocked the house in his very own rebel hoodie and stylish Diesel collar. All dogs in the fashion show were dressed to the nines and available for adoption. Our mister Snoop dog didn’t find a forever home yet, but we are kind of in love with him so we don’t mind.

    The event raised over $10,000 for Animal Friends of the Valleys and we are super grateful to have been apart of such a pawsome fundraiser.

    Snoop Dog


    “Saving just one dog won’t change the world, but surely it will change the world for that one dog.”

    Never has a foster dog so captured our hearts as our current little man has. His name is Snoop and he is absolutely one of the sweetest dogs you will ever meet. We work with the foster program at our local shelter, Animal Friends of the Valleys, to provide a good home for dogs that need a little extra love and care beyond the normal scope of the shelter. Knowing our love for Dobermans Animal Friends asked us if would be interested in fostering Snoop as soon as he came to the shelter, and our obvious answer was “absolutely.”

    He has since been neutered and is beginning to put on weight, although he hates to eat. (Update 3/7/13: He is now eating regularly with no problem!) Up We are trying our best to have him eat 2 cups of kibble three times a day but despite his skinny stature we have to sit right by him for every meal to encourage him to eat.

    We have fallen hard for this sweet Dobe, no doubt. But we are still hoping to find him the best forever home where he will get lots of attention and love. If you are in the Southern California area and are looking to adopt a wonderfully loving Doberman, Snoop is your dog. For any questions and/ or adoption inquiries please email us at 

    Snoop’s Story: Snoop was brought into Animal Friends of the Valleys as a stray. He was definitely someone’s pet as a puppy as his ears have been cropped and stand nicely. He loves people so he was indeed taken care of at some point.

    Health and Stats: Snoop is estimated to be about 4 years old. His teeth are healthy, his coat is beautiful, and he has a nice crop job. He is a red Doberman with a white patch on his chest and the sweetest brown eyes. He is still very skinny but gaining weight nicely and is otherwise healthy and happy. 

    Temperament: This guy is incredibly lovable, gentle, and docile. He will sit with his head in your lap for hours; all he wants is to be loved. He adores having his ears scratched and would let you pet him all day. He is low key, enjoys walks, and loves his squeaky Kong toy. He is very people friendly, but a little on the timid side. Snoop is crate trained and sleeps in his crate at night. He does well in the car too. 

    This dobe has a whole lot of love to give!