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    Rebel Blog — adoptable dogs

    Snoop's Forever Home

    Today was bitter sweet, our awesome foster dog Snoop was adopted! Today the dog who melted our hearts and seamlessly joined our family, starts the second chapter to his happy ending.

    Snoop went to live with the most incredibly kind couple, Lala and Abel, and their rescue dog, Lady. Like us, they instantly fell in love with Snoop’s endearing disposition the moment they met him. After a brief meet and greet the decision was made, he would join their family and live happily ever after.

    Not only will he be showered with love and affection, but he has a friend to play with too. Situated on lush green acreage in the country, Snoop’s new home is the perfect oasis for him to explore and live the happy go-lucky life he deserves.

    We already miss that happy Dobe grin and his boundless energy, but knowing he will forever live surrounded by love makes us so very happy.  We love you buddy! Thank you Lala and Abel, you two are life savers.

    You can read Snoop's story here, here, and here.

    Adopt Me!

    Whenever we meet new people we somehow always end up talking about dogs; our dogs, their dogs, dogs we’ve known, breeds in general, anything dog related makes for quality conversation.  We recently met one particular dog-lover who had rescued a dog from being abused and is currently caring for him but cannot ultimately keep him because she already owns three dogs of her own.

     This handsome boy needs a home, and he needs one quickly.

    Gallute’s story:  “The day I found Gallute he was following a kid who was throwing rocks at him and trying to chase him into the busy street.  I immediately turned my car around and pulled over to see what was going on. When the boy taunted the dog again I approached him and intervened. The dog was not his, but had been following him on his walk home. So I picked up the collarless dog and took him home with me.”

    This good Samaritan has been fostering Gallute for several months now but will have to turn him over to a shelter at the end of the month. He really needs a big yard to play in and someone who can exercise him regularly. She took it upon herself to have him neutered, dewormed, and up to date on all his shots so he is all ready to go.

    Name: Gallute

    Age: Estimated 2 years

    Breed: Guessed to be some sort of Pit bull mix

    Gender: Male, neutered

    Temperament: He is the sweetest dog, very playful, spunky, and affectionate. He is wonderful with people and children and would make a great family dog.

    Location: Southern California

    If you are interested in adopting this sweet boy or would like more information, please email us at

    Change a Pet's Life Day: Our Story

    Today is the nationally deemed Change a Pet’s Life Day. We work on a daily basis to make all dog’s lives better, that’s why we started a dog company, but we love to make a difference by changing the life of one dog at a time as well. And that is why we foster dogs. We figure, we have three dogs already, so what’s another dog (or two, or eight).

    Our local animal shelter, Animal Friends of the Valleys, works with it’s foster families (that's us!) to place pets that need a little extra love and care in an actual home environment until they find permanent owners. When we heard Animal Friends needed a foster family for a momma and her seven new puppies, we took one look at that sad pile of fur and instantly agreed to take them home.

    It was fairly chaotic for a couple weeks, with ten dogs under one roof, but we successfully weaned Seven from her puppies and began to socialize all those little ones until they were old enough to be adopted. Seven became a part of the family. We gave her breaks from her litter and took her on walks with the rebel pack. After a little over a month living with us all eight dogs, including momma, went to a pet adoption event where to our excitement they all found forever homes.

    Helping an animal, even if it's in a seemingly small way, fills the heart with so much joy and compassion. We only wish we could take in dozens more dogs all at once. For now we feel so privileged to be able to help one (or eight) dogs at a time. Aside from fostering, we like to think we change our three dog’s lives every day by giving them the best possible dog life, but who are we kidding it’s these dogs that continually change our lives with their unconditional love. 

    We’d love to hear your story, how have you changed the life of a dog?