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A Week With Mary Dog

We recently returned from a road trip up North to Tahoe, Nevada to visit some of our family, and one of our very favorite dogs, Mary Jane. There are few things that even compare to time spent with family and family pups! Mary is an awesome dog and we just love visiting her in her little snowy town. Mary is a Black Lab mixed with Bergamasco (you know the dogs with the dred locks!) and her unique look is equally matched by her super sweet personality and devoted loyalty to her human. She is one of those dogs that even looks kind and wise. It’s as if you could have a conversation with her, but she might outsmart you with her wit and charm. So you can see why we love her.

Our pack of rebels love visiting her too, in part because she is perhaps the most gracious hostess they will ever meet. She simply stood by as our three pups rampaged her house, touched all her toys, and even slept in her bed. All she cared about was having three extra friends to play with, and that seemed to be good enough for her.

She showed us all her favorite hikes and the best snow covered view at sunset. She shared her favorite dog beach and taught Diesel and Dakoda how to play pinecone football.  And at the end of the day these four played musical bowls and even shared their dinner. Maybe it just tastes better if it’s from another dog’s bowl, who’s to judge?!

Either way, we love you Mary dog! Thank you for showing us Tahoe. We can’t wait to see you soon.

Social Style


Diesel is our 9 month old Doberman. Despite his ginormous size, he is considered a puppy which means we are still working on socializing him and getting him used to the great big world. He has proven to be somewhat skeptical of new people and situations so subsequently he is rather shy in public. We, however, are determined to make him love and trust people so we continue to take him with us wherever we go.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday we took him on a 12-hour road trip to visit family and for an energetic little troublemaker, he actually did quite well. We took him shopping in old town where he made lots of new furry friends and met tons of people, and we have to say, we were ever so proud of our brave little buddy. How cute are his new little friends?! 

Have you encountered any issues when socializing your dogs? We are finding, just like people, every dog we get has a very different personality than the others. Needless to say we are learning a lot and loving raising this pack of rebels!

**Diesel is wearing the Diesel Collar, size 15" - 17" and a Rebel Tee, size XL.