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Say Hello To The Rebel Collar

The Rebel Collar is here!

We are excited to announce the official release of a whole new way of creating a perfectly custom collar for your dog. The Rebel collar is crafted by us, but created by you. Each leather collar is meticulously hand carved and intricately painted by the rebel artist for a collar that is completely one of a kind.

From beginning to end you will work with the rebel artist to actualize your vision. Considering the color of the leather, the hardware, and embellishments to each custom designed aspect of the artwork, no detail will go untouched by your creativity. This collar is your masterpiece, custom crafted with excellence by Crazy Rebels. Explore the Rebel Collar (and save $50 off for a limited time).

What will you create?


Breast Cancer Awareness Month & The Strength Collar

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. And while breast cancer doesn't necessary have anything directly to do with dogs, cancer in general affects or has affected just about everyone you will every meet. This year has been wonderful, but also really personally painful for our family. We have lost both people and pets very close to our hearts, just as we have known many people who have also lost loved ones in 2013.

Crazy Rebels is a dog company with a deeply caring and compassionate foundation of real people behind it. If we have learned anything from dogs it is that a little love can go a long way. So this month we honor and recognize those fighting, remembering, celebrating, laughing, loving, crying, and just being. Together we want to celebrate life, and mourn loss. 

The all new Strength Collar was crafted as just that, a symbol of strength. This collar is your dog's quiet badge of courage to wear with pride for whatever you, or they, may be going through. Check out the Strength Collar and the Strength Sticker!

The beautiful woman (in the picture below) is a mother, a daughter, a sister, a grandmother, a first grade school teacher, a friend, and a fighter. And because of some pretty amazing specialists, she is also a survivor. She fought and beat breast cancer, and is all the more stronger because of it. She is a hero to many, and loved by everyone who knows her. She is our mom.  And we are merely thankful, for her life. Here's to Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Take a moment to hug those you love. 


Misunderstood: Educating to End BSL

Announcing the 2013 limited edition Pitbull Awareness print and sticker: Misunderstood by Crazy Rebels.

From ignorance hate grows. People fear what they do not know or do not understand, and by this same reasoning we as humans have failed the beloved Pitbull breed. 

October is Pitbull Awareness Month, so we are doing our part to help spread knowledge to rebrand the Pitbull. Pitbull refers to the outward appearance and the physical characteristics of a specific breed, not the personality or overall demeanor of the dog. Yet Breed Specific Legislation states that these dogs can be banned, persecuted, confiscated, and even put-down simply because of their breed. This month in specific we seek to inform people that Pitbulls are misunderstood, not misbehaving. 

Together we can share the message and help to End BSL. The only way to create change, is to do something to cause it. So let's come together and educate that Pitbulls are dogs with big hearts just like every other furry four-legged friend. Support the cause, spread the word.