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Movie Monday: My Dog (An Unconditional Love Story)

We’ve been sick at the rebel house, like really sick, so we’ve been watching a lot of movies. In our midst of watching movie after movie, many of them dog movies, we came across some dog documentaries. We immediately loved them for their true depiction of the loyal and unconditional love that exists between a dog and his human. 

Movie Monday: My Dog  (An Unconditional Love Story) 

Genre: Documentary

Year released: 2010

Breeds in movie: Lots!

Notes: This documentary interviewed celebrity dog owners about their dogs and the role they play in their every day life. The theme that instantly came through, was that even for these celebrities in their busy lives, their dogs are number 1. Because dogs are not just pets, they are family. These New York celebs went on to explain that the dog doesn’t care who they are or how famous they might be, the dog loves unconditionally. Honest and endearing interviews of real dog loving people.

Paw rating: 4 paws up 

Movie Monday: All Dogs Go To Heaven


 Over the weekend we said good-bye to a dear extended family member, at almost 14-years buddy the Beagle went to heaven. Although he had grown old in age, in our minds eye he was, and always will be, a puppy so full of life and love.  He was my aunt’s dog and he was oh so loved from the day she brought him home.  

He adored walks in the woods by his house and playing in his big backyard. He loved cuddling by the fire and cookies before bed. He was our little Buddy and we will always remember him that way. We miss you little guy! Rest in paradise sweet boy.

 So for this week, we thought we might watch All Dogs Go To Heaven in his honor. Because all dogs do go to heaven, and we know he’s up there eating a feast right now.


Movie Monday: All Dogs Go To Heaven

Genre: Family

Year released: 1989

Breeds in movie: Cartoon characterizations of a German Shepherd/ Collie mix, Dachshund, Irish Setter, Whippet, Bulldog, & a Collie

Notes: All Dogs Go To Heaven is an animated family movie portraying a lesson about honesty, loyalty, and love. Almost musical in nature, there is a great deal of lively singing and dancing as only animated caricatures can pull off. The movie tells the story of a vivid German Shepherd Collie mix named Charlie who is murdered but returns from Heaven to avenge his death. Along with his best friend, a Dachshund named Itchy, an orphan named Anne-Marie, and a whole host of colorful characters their adventure unfolds.

Paw rating: 4 paws up 

Movie Monday: The Doberman Gang

We admittedly spend most of our time working on Crazy Rebels and playing with our dogs. But in the evenings we love to (dog) pile on the couch and watch movies. The littlest rebel curls up pretty much wherever she feels like it and the two Dobermans sprawl out in one of their many bed choices as we all settle in for a cinematic adventure.

On our last trip down the movie aisle at Target we may have ended up with dozens (yes dozens) of dog movies in our cart, even the cashier commented on our themed assortment of canine flicks. In honor of watching movies while cuddled with our dogs we are launching a movie Monday, dog edition. Every Monday we will share a dog related movie on the rebel blog and be sure to point out all the dog breeds in each. We let Dakoda choose the first movie to watch and she went with the original Doberman movie, the The Doberman Gang.

Movie Monday: The Doberman Gang

Genre: Action

Year released: 1972

Breeds in movie: Dobermans, English Bulldog

Notes: While this movie is older and the plot is a little slow, if you love Dobermans and/ or dog training, you will enjoy this movie. The way they whistle train individual dogs is incredible, and of course, the overall plot is awesome (a pack of rad Dobermans holds up a bank!). We also loved realizing the origination of the spiked collar, which was first constructed using a leather dog collar and… nails.

Paw rating: 4 paws up