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    Rebel Blog — birthdays

    Peanut Butter Banana Cupcakes for Diesel


    If there is one thing this boy loves, it is peanut butter. So we knew his first choice of pupcake flavor for his birthday would of course have to involve a whole lot of pb. Diesel stood watch in the kitchen the entire time his cupcakes were in the making as if to say, “I know those are for me.” 

    He licked the spoon, and then patiently waited while his cupcakes baked. He could barely contain himself as we insisted on singing happy birthday, and then proceeded to consume an entire peanut butter banana cupcake in one bite. Needless to say, the rebel crew agrees these cupcakes are 4-paw approved!


    Pupcakes for Cupcake

    Pupcakes for Cupcake


    Our sweet rebel Malshi, Cupcake, turned 3 doggie years old so of course we made her cupcakes because well, it is after all her namesake. She celebrated her day with lots of extra cuddles, yummy treats, and an extra long play session... in the mud! Which for this little white fluff ball is quite the big deal. 

    We have found that while there are dozens of recipes for canine goodies, many of the cake and cupcake variations involve some combination of peanut butter and carrot which works out well because the rebel house is always fully stocked with both. Cupcake shared her birthday pupcakes with her dog friends, but for her friend Stella who is allergic to dairy, we frosted her pupcake with peanut butter. 

    We love you so miss Cupcake!


    Doggone Good Birthday Cake

    In July our Doberman Dakoda turned one, so we threw her an all out first birthday party. We sent out invitations to her best friends and their humans, we decorated with pictures of her as a puppy, and we got ham bone favors for all of her guests to take home.

    And, of course, we made her a doggie birthday cake because what kind of parents would we be if we didn’t?

    The list of human foods that dogs cannot consume is somewhat long, so a safe bet when baking homemade goodies for dogs is to keep the ingredient list basic and short. We found this recipe online and crosschecked just to make sure all the ingredients were K9 friendly before embarking (no pun intended) on this cake-making mission.