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$10 Off Pitbull Portrait


For the entire month of October we've be busy celebrating Pit Bull Awareness Month any way we could possibly think of. It has been awesome and we have met so many amazing Pit Bull families, Pit Bull rescues, and Pit Bull people. 

Aside from supporting the quest to rebrand the Pit Bull breed we've also been drawing up dozens of pretty Pits, at a pretty little price. So if you've got a lovaBull at home, be sure grab a portrait for $10 off through the end of the month.

Let's help ban ignorance, and save the Pit Bulls.

No Tricks, Just Treats


I suppose you could call us Halloween enthusiasts, that is to say we kind of adore the holiday in it entirety. So what better way to celebrate the day than by offering all kinds of treats for our beloved friends? 

Today only, we're giving away Rebel stickers with every Limited Edition Pit Bull poster print, so you can get to sticking anywhere you like all while supporting a good cause.

Those Rebels are so Hollywood!


Oh those Rebel pups! We never quite know what they'll be into next. This year for Halloween they got all dressed up and hit the star studded streets of Tinsel Town for a night of rebellious fun. 

There is nothing Cupcake loves more than to be the very center of attention, so the red carpet is right up her alley. Dressed to the nines in her glamourous getup she made sure her badass bodyguards, Dakoda and Diesel, were close by at all times. And they don't seem to mind looking out for their little big sister.

Friends Fur-Ever

If you know anything about Diesel you might recall his adoration for food. Wet food, dry food, kibble, treats, raw hide; you name it, he will devour it in a matter of seconds. So imagine his amazement and pure joy when we took him to the grand opening of Friends Fur-Ever Pet Food and let him have his way with way too many samples.

Not surprisingly, we made fast friends with Friends Fur-Ever Pet Food and Supplies and were more than excited to support them at their grand opening celebration. If you are ever in the vicinity of Walnut, California we would highly recommend stopping in to Friends Fur-Ever for an expansive assortment of organic dog food. They are stocked with the very best brands we have come to know and love, and some pure protein dog food we had never even heard of. 

Not to mention they are helpful and friendly, which is more than we can say for some pet supply stores (cough cough Petco).

**Diesel is rockin' the Classic Collar in Rowdy Red.


October Begins With a Trip to Barktoberfest


Every year Placer SPCA in Sacramento, CA puts on a two day event, attracting hundreds of vendors and thousands of people, called Barktoberfest. Crazy Rebels was proud to be a sponsor of the SPCA and contribute our little bit of love to the cause. We somehow pulled together a rebel booth in under a week and spent the weekend meeting people who love dogs as much as we do.