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Adventure Is Essential


Having dogs is a good reminder to enjoy life more. They are consistently happy, never concerned, and always ready for an adventure. We love to take our rebel pack to uncharted territory, explore for hours, and simply escape from every day life. Watching them run free is such a peaceful feeling. 

Lights, Camera, Action!

Crazy Rebels was invited to shoot a segment for a TLC series set to air in the Spring, and Dakoda was pretty excited. Ok, so were we. The awesome people behind (our favorite dog food store) Friends Fur-ever Pet Food and Supplies hosted the taping in their super cool establishment. You would never guess a single episode would require so many people, but at exactly 9:30 am on a Friday a crew of over 20 people pulled up and proceeded to choreograph a very smooth taping.

Dakoda stole the show, and didn't mind doing dozens of tricks for treats for the enthusiastic dog loving director. She made some pretty playful new friends including a gorgeous fluffy puppy and a tiny Shiba Inu who only wanted to wrestle. In between takes we shopped the shelves and stocked up on organic dog treats for the rebel pack. 

Hollywood here we come!

Scary Good Sale, One Day Only!


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Because we love you, no really we do, we're offering our portraits for only $100 today only. Order away.

$10 Off Pitbull Portrait


For the entire month of October we've be busy celebrating Pit Bull Awareness Month any way we could possibly think of. It has been awesome and we have met so many amazing Pit Bull families, Pit Bull rescues, and Pit Bull people. 

Aside from supporting the quest to rebrand the Pit Bull breed we've also been drawing up dozens of pretty Pits, at a pretty little price. So if you've got a lovaBull at home, be sure grab a portrait for $10 off through the end of the month.

Let's help ban ignorance, and save the Pit Bulls.

No Tricks, Just Treats


I suppose you could call us Halloween enthusiasts, that is to say we kind of adore the holiday in it entirety. So what better way to celebrate the day than by offering all kinds of treats for our beloved friends? 

Today only, we're giving away Rebel stickers with every Limited Edition Pit Bull poster print, so you can get to sticking anywhere you like all while supporting a good cause.