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    Our current production time on the Kyon collection is approximately 4-6 months. Production times are estimated and subject to change. We thank you so much for your patience and for choosing Crazy Rebels!

    We’re working hard everyday to offer you more collars, quicker. Here’s a list of our current styles that ship in two weeks or less. We’ll be adding more as our production allows. We thank you for letting us make collars for you! 

    Classic Kyon Collar

    Classic Kyon Leash

    Double Trouble Kyon Collar 2”

    Two-Tone Kyon Collar

    Two-Tone Kyon Leash

    Kyon Padded Collar

    Matix Collar

    Menace Collar

    Militia Leash

    Kyon Collar 1-1/2"
    Kyon Collar 1-1/2" From $45.00
    Kyon Padded Collar
    Kyon Padded Collar From $75.00
    Kyon Inferno Collar
    Kyon Inferno Collar From $190.00
    Kyon Balerion Collar
    Kyon Balerion Collar From $175.00
    Kyon Boa Collar 2"
    Kyon Boa Collar 2" From $225.00
    Kyon Royce Collar 2"
    Kyon Royce Collar 2" From $225.00
    Kyon Bentley Collar
    Kyon Bentley Collar From $175.00
    Kyon Boss Collar 2"
    Kyon Boss Collar 2" From $145.00
    Kyon Kingsley Collar
    Kyon Kingsley Collar From $145.00
    Kyon Sylar Collar
    Kyon Sylar Collar From $165.00
    Kyon Casanova Collar
    Kyon Casanova Collar From $170.00
    Kyon Venom Collar
    Kyon Venom Collar From $115.00
    Kyon Ultra Collar
    Kyon Ultra Collar From $275.00
    Kyon Clutch Collar
    Kyon Clutch Collar From $175.00
    Kyon Cartel Collar
    Kyon Cartel Collar From $160.00