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    Here's everything you need to know about ordering leather collars from Crazy Rebels.

    Why can't I order leather collars on your website?

    Our leather collars are all custom crafted, to order by hand. Due to increased demand for our leather goods, (i.e. you guys order them faster than we can make them) our leather collars are currently only available to order through our waitlist.

    What is a waitlist and how does it work?

    Our waitlist is basically just a virtual line to order leather collars. You email us at (subject line: WAITLIST) and we'll hold your place in line. Once your turn comes up, we email you and work with you to place your custom order. You can order as many as you like once it's your turn. You'll have a set amount of time to place your order so be sure to email us back as soon as you hear from us.

    How long is the waitlist?

    At the moment our waitlist is about a year long. (We know, super long, and we're so sorry for the wait). We promise we are making collars as quickly as possible, and we do have a plan to be caught up shortly. 

    Does it cost anything to join the waitlist?

    You do not have to pay anything up front, joining the waitlist is completely free and you aren't obligated to place an order. Once your turn comes up you can  simply pass if you don't want to order.

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